H4 COS denied when filed in H1B 60 day grace period

I’m posting this message just for sharing a kind of denial case. @Anil, welcome to comment on.

I was laid off my company on 12/20,2018. On 1/16,2019, I filed H4 COS in regular process based on my husband’s H1B with expiration date of 8/31,2019.

On 3/13,2019, my husband extended his H1B so I also submit H4 extension, which was approved in premium process with validity from 9/1,2019 to 8/30,2022.

On June 10, 2019. My first H4 COS through regular process was denied with the reason that they found there is a H4 has been approved and assume I has been on H4 so they can’t give me another H4…but USCIS didn’t check the approved H4 effective date and just blindly rejected my case…

Solution: my husband’s attorney filed another I539 and NPT for me to cover the date through 8/31,2019. It’s still pending. Will update as I receive the result.

Thanks @Zhen_Dai for sharing. I appreciate it.

I’d like to update my EAD status. It’s been approved yesterday! It’s so big relief. How long can I receive the card?

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Hi @Zhen_Dai

You will get your EAD card within 1-7 days.

Thank you Anil. My case status was changed back to “case was approved” yesterday from “card is being produced” how did that happen?

Hi @Zhen_Dai

USCIS cases status updates are sometimes mixed up. Don’t worry about it.