H4 EAD card was sent back to USCIS as the address was incorrect

Hi Anil below is the latest on my case !! Would you mind sharing any insights into this

Hi applied at Nebraska center

So here is my story : Applied for H1B , H4 & H4 EAD renewal all at the same time in premium processing. Our lawyers advised us that no more premium processing for dependents.

Nov 1st - All application Received
Nov 5th - Received Biometric Appt letter
Nov 8th - H1B RFE received
Nov 24th - H1B Approved
Dec 3rd - H4 EAD approved - Card is waiting to be printed .( it was approved before H4 status was updated in system )
Dec 5th - H4 approved
Dec 8th - Approvals notice was received for both EAD & H4 in mail
Dec 9th - USCIS Stated mail picked up by usps and tracking info was available.

I checked the status yesterday and it says the card was sent back to USCIS as the address was incorrect ! I called up USCIS today and they said if they receive the card they will mail it out again ! If not I have to submit a report from usps that card was lost and they will send me a new card !! It’s so frustrating and so many hogs and lows !!!

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Hi @heta

Have you changed your address recently? Did you talk to local USPS post office as to why they sent it back even though your address is correct?

I have written in detail about when to change address if your EAD is pending here.

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No address is not changed !!! We have lived here for 7 + years !!
I called up my local post office and they are saying the address was missing!

There was no house number ! And right now the status in the USPS site Is showing as package being send to sender !!!
I received my H4 & H4 EAD approval on the same address !!! I opened the ticket with USCIS yesterday!!

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Its possibly a USCIS mistake then.

Hi Anil -

I don’t know ! What do you suggest I do? Other then waiting?
If it’s lost will I have to reapply again? Will I have to start from scratch?

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You don’t have to apply from scratch.

I have given the process to fix the EAD card address and get it delivered again here.

Hi Anil

Thanks for sharing this info. Currently on my USCIS Case status its showing the below :

Card Was Returned To USCIS

On December 17, 2019, the Post Office returned your new card for Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, Receipt NumberLIN-XXXXX, to us. We mailed your card to the address you gave us, but the Post Office could not deliver it. The tracking number assigned is 920XXXXX. You can use your tracking number at www.USPS.com in the Quick Tools Track a Package section. We will destroy your new card if we do not receive an address update by March 8, 2020. Please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we resend the card to you. If you move, go to

I have been trying to use the e-request link , but i guess the site is super slow and its giving me error. Do you recommend that i call and submit this request . Or is it best to do it online.


It’s better to call if online request is not working.

Thanks !! Appreciate all your help

Hi Anil

I just wanted to update you with my status ! Card was redelivered today by priority mail !!! The status in Uscis was changed on Jan 9 th stating that card was mailed to me , with no tracking number ! I got my card on Jan 11th !!! Appreciate all your help & feedback.


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I am facing the similar situation for my initial opt ead card. The status changed in USCIS website to “Card is being returned by USPS” on April 11th. It has been 4 days I cannot see any update in USCIS and USPS. When I can USPS, they say that the package doesn’t have a return label and cannot be tracked. The only way to know whether it is received or not is to contact USCIS. USCIS say nothing but to check the case status. What can I do now ?

Hi @Nelly_Vinaykrishna

It is too early to say that your EAD card has been lost or sent back. Wait for another week to 10 days as Coronavirus has delayed lot of things.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta,

Thank you for your quick response. Yes I will wait for two more weeks before concluding to something. My EAD start date is July 10, do you think I would receive my card by then considering all worst cases? I am really worried because I have a job offer in a really good company which I cannot lose.

Hello. I have just had the exact same issue. I received my EAD approval notice and was SO excited. I went to check my status online and it was USPS had received my card and it was being mailed to me with tracking information.

I went to track it and it said it had been returned due to incomplete address which is weird because I haven’t moved and I’ve received all my other notices here where I live.

How did you contact USCIS? I tried to call but I couldn’t get through to an actual person as none of the options they were giving me sounded like my situation? Please can you share how you got hold of the right person to help get the card resent out. Thank you!

Hi @Casey

Try calling USCIS on 1-800-375-5283 (recommended).

The dialing code to speak directly with a Customer Representative is 1-2-6-1-1.

It has worked for many people.

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Thank you so so much for that information.

I managed to get through to someone. They haven’t received the card back yet so there’s nothing they can do, they said to call back in about a week.

I hope this is resolved quickly.

Thank you again!

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@Casey Hi Casey, did you have any update? My card was returned to USCIS after 16days from return to sender processed by USPS. I called USCIS today to resend my card. They had my previous e request and couldn’t create a new one before 30days. So the immigration officer (tier 2) emailed the department to resend my card and she told me to wait for 30days for my card to be resent.

@Anil.Gupta hi Anil, I just got to know from my approval notice that my start date of employment is also mentioned wrong. Now, my card is returned to USCIS because of their typo and also my card has wrong start date. When I called them, the only thing they say is to wait until I get the card and return it to USCIS to get it corrected. I don’t know it takes my lifetime. What do you suggest?

There is no other way but to wait.

Hi @Anil.Gupta @Nelly_Vinaykrishna
My card was sent to me on 07/20 and was out for delivery on 07/22. Due to an address forwarding issue, it got sent back to USCIS on 07/23. It has been 3 weeks, neither has USCIS received it, nor have I received any updates from USPS regarding where my card is. The tracking number still says “returned to sender” and on USCIS it says “card is being returned”. USCIS and congress representative say that they can’t do anything until USPS delivers it. USPS says that they have no idea where it is and it is not getting scanned on the way back, hence no updates. My OPT start date was 07/14, so I have already lost many unemployment days although I already have my dream job in hand. I don’t want to lose my job or be sent back to my country because of issues with USCIS and USPS working. I am not getting any clarity from anyone. So I was hoping to get some help from this forum.