H4 EAD - Expedite process experience in COVID-19

I wanted to thank this forum , as i benefitted with the H4-EAD Expedition process information shared here. And i want to share my H4-EAD expedite story which might help others.
When i called the USCIS , i chose the 2nd option @ Humanitarian- considering the CoVid situation and how our grocery store is playing a very crucial role in serving the Florida people and helping them stay safe and mentioned that its important for me to continue to work . And got an email in one day , with in 3-4 days my status changed in the USCIS site that my EAD is approved . I am waiting for the approval notice and eventually my EAD in mail. Thanks again

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Hi Sirisha… I am also traveling in same boat. Can you please help me with this? Thanks in advance.


Can you even share your email id sireesha

Thanks for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

@Abhilash and @Swap

I don’t suggest to share emails publicly. It is better you communicate on public platform.

Deleted email. Done.

My wife got her H4EAD expedited as she is a Physical Therapist. It was within one week of submitting the required documents.

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I also got expedited today as a I am a physical therapist. But previously when I applied through Congress man it got denied. ( In Feb) Anything related to health Care is worth to try

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Hi Anil,

I got my receipt notices on Mar 16 but my biometric is still pending. I reached out to my congressman 2 weeks back to expedite and USCIS responded to him on Jun 25th saying that NY biometric will open July 13th. My organization is healthcare non profit and I am very worried now as I may loose my job. Can you please guide what could be other option or channel to expedite my request ?


If USCIS responded by saying that wait for Biometric center reopening, then i am afraid that nothing else can be done.

Hi Anil,
I have applied standalone H4 EAD on march 15 th 2020 and received my receipt number on march 24 th 2020, I did not receive any update it hase been more than 90 days. I am thinking to Expedite the process, Can you please help me with the steps to do that.


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Hi @chandu

Follow this step by step guide for raising an H4 EAD expedite request.

Hi Sireesha,
Could you please let us know what are the documents you have provided as proof of urgency?
Have you given any additional documents apart from cover letter and employer letter?

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H1, 4, EAD filed in May 2020 and got approval for H1 in June first week. We are waiting on H4 finger print appointment (No earlier fingerprints with USCIS). We have only one more month for current EAD to expire, can anyone help on how to request expedition ? I see some expedite requests for EAD but first I need to submit expedite request for fingerprint appointment and then again for EAD?

I’m in the same boat. I don’t think you can expedite fingerprint appointment by any means. And unless the biometrics is taken, it may not make any difference if you expedite just the EAD application.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know any places to check if application support centers near me are open or not and what is the backlog kind of. I’m looking for ASC in Austin TX

Hi Prasanna,

Can you please let me know about the backlog list for Austin TX when you get to know any information, even I stay here and waiting for my bio metrics since march end.

I am a physical therapist too, in the process of calling USCIS officer. Will you please share your experience, what will be good pointers to mention?

Hi, I wanted to thank this forum because the shared experience of people who got their EAD extension through expedited review request helped me get my H4-EAD extension quickly. Sharing my experience here because I know the dilemma that everyone might be going through.

I work in the field of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs.
7/28 - I filed for extension of my H4-EAD at California Service Center. I didn’t know about this option of expedited processing until first week of September.
On 9/11 - I first called USCIS (800-375-5283) to request the expedited review of my application. The USCIS officer on phone asked basic questions regarding the purpose of my call. I gave a humanitarian reason (my company is working on something that can help with current COVID-19 pandemic) and of course the reason about financial loss if I do have to wait for a year (current processing time). The USCIS officer on phone then told me that she is transferring my case to the office and they will contact me via email (She asked for my email during the call).
On 9/15, i received email from USCIS that they need documentation to determine whether or not my case is eligible for expedited review. I collected the documentation (USCIS does not give any timeline but the sooner you provide the documents, better for your case, my recommendation - keep it ready before you call them or soon after the call if you know your case was moved one step ahead).
On 9/16 - I provided all the supporting documents including a letter of support from my company to show how critical my work is for the company in current pandemic (and I think this was the most impactful document for making my case stronger), I also provided other documents to show financial loss.
On 9/22, i received another email from USCIS that based on the documentation, my case is eligible for expedited review and they will let me know about the decision within 45 days.
9/23 - The status on USCIS website was changed from “additional documentation received” to “new card is being produced”
9/24 - The status on the website now is “case is approved”, they have mailed me my notice of approval of I-765 and I should be on the lookout for it in the mail.
I am not aware about the congressman option for expedited review but would definitely recommend giving this option of calling USCIS a shot if you think your case qualifies for any 2 or more reasons from USCIS requirements for expedited review. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Glad to share my experience and hopefully its useful. Thanks for taking time to read it . :slight_smile: Good luck for your applications!

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Hi Mosam!
Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
I am trying to expedite my case as well, I work in pharma company that works on COVID-19. Would you mind sharing (just briefly) what your company letters says and what documents you gave to show financial loss?
This would help me immensely.
Thank you!

Hi Kaavya,
No worries, I’m happy to help. It was a letter from director of regulatory, cmc (my manager) on a company letterhead. It basically stated how long have I been working there, what projects I’m working on, little more about how my work is important to the team and the company.

Just for a note: in the uscis email that requested additional documents, they asked to put a general letter explaining the reason for requesting the expedited review. So I wrote that letter and used my company’s letter as attachment to support it.

Financial loss- copy of husbands paycheck, copy of my paycheck, credit card bills, bank statement, we recently bought a house so a copy of monthly mortgage payment, I didn’t have any of it but add any childcare support document if you have one. In short all of the honest and genuine expenses that you can think of.

Try to put more emphasis on the humanitarian reason than financial loss. Just my 2 cents! Let me know if you need any additional information.