H4 Extension second Biometrics appointment after filing H1B transfer

Hi Anil,

I applied H4 Extension along with my H1B extension (Regular process) through company “A”, My wife received Bio-metric appointment…

And I applied for change of employer through Company “B” ( Premium Process) and H4, H4 -EAD Also. So she received one more Bio-metric appointment?

Please could you advise,
Is it okay to attend both the appointments with in a week (Same Location? or
Can we reschedule one appointment?


It is your choice is you want to re-schedule any one of the Biometric appointment or want to attend both.

Dear Anil

Need your suggestion. My I94 expires on 31st May 2019. So as my Dependents.

My current employer has filed for my extension in normal mode and all 3 of us got receipt notice and my H4 dependents biometrics got schedule on 31st May.

Meanwhile new employer has filed for my H1 B transfer in normal mode on 10th April but not received any receipt notice till now. On 16th May they have filed another H1 B transfer application in premium mode and transfer got approved on 27th May. And I have received receipt numbers for dependents with biometrics on 3rd June 2019. And received another set of receipt numbers ( suspecting they might for the premium Transfer which got approved). So I am expecting another schedule for biometrics in a day or two.

My question is since My dependents got 2 biometrics scheduled (1 for current employer extension and another for H1 B transfer in normal mode) and expecting another schedule as well, which one I have to chose. Should I take them for all the three biometrics which got scheduled or through the new employer. Please suggest.

Hi @Sreddda

I moved your question to this topic as both are related. Please read my answer given above.

Sorry to bother you Again Anil.
Can you please clarify on the answer.
Should we attend both or chose any of the schedule or the schedule which got scheduled with approval. Please clarify.

Hi @Sreddda

You should attend both Biometric.
Biometric center does allow early visit than your appointment.

When you visit for first appointment, you can ask them if the second Biometric can be done that same day or the same fingerprints can be used for both applications.

Once done, do share your experience back here. We will appreciate it.

Dear Anil

I have visited application support center for biometrics and enquired about attending the 2nd biometric appointment as well on the same day. They have not allowed. I need to go again on Monday to attend the 2nd appointment.

Thanks @Sreddda for sharing your experience. I appreciate it.