H4 Visa interview Questions for Arya Samaj marriage 45 days before actual marriage

Hi Anil,

One quick question about H4 visa interview.

This is the background info.

I am on H1b and going to India this November end just for a week to get Arya Samaj Marriage followed by Marriage registration and I will get Marriage certificate.

I will be going back in mid January 2020 to get actual Hindu marriage in India. And after 2 days of marriage, my wife will have h4 Visa Interview.

She will bring Marriage Certificate, photos and my employer’s sponsorship documents and other recommended documents for the interview.

Question :

Will there be any issue/conflict in telling the truth of these two events if asked, like why I got married through that way(Arya Samaj) 45 days before actual marriage.

Would really appreciate your expert opinion on this.


Hi @fanebay

You should expect questions to be asked for your planned Hindu marriage. Visa officers look at this kind of set up as a fraud and try to find the reality.

The onus of proving that you are genuine is on you.

Hindu marriage and quick H4 interview are looked at with suspicion these days.

Sample recent cases: