How to go to Australia for NAATI CCL test

Hi @saurabhwalia21,

I am in the same boat and I have decided to go to Australia to attempt for Naati. Have you booked the exam? if so, what is the earliest exam date you are getting? Please advise :slight_smile:

Hi Anirudh,

i didn’t book the exam yet. Firstly, i will prepare and then book the exam.

Process of booking the exam is complex. Firstly, you have to submit your application, and once get approval then you will be able to choose date. Before all this, you need to make sure that you should have Visitor or tourist visa. But now a days getting Visitor visa is difficult now a days.

I am a bit doubtful of this VISA only.

do you have clearance on it?

I have already given Naati. You should book exam 6 months b4. So u ll have lot of time to prepare in between

@Aksharha_Gopinath Can you please share a bit more details about NAATI. I mean I am aware this can give 5 points but other than that no aware of any other information. Please share Links which will help us understand how to prepare, proceed to book exam , where to grab materials and any specific desired score to get those 5 points and finally can we get Visitor Visa to write this exam easily if our relatives are staying in Australia… Details please


I am staying in Australia now with a dependent visa. So I have no idea about visitor visa. For booking exam, use this link( He explains clearly. Jus follow the steps.

And we should definitely prepare well, because you have to score min of 29 each in 2 dialogues with overall of 60+ out of 90 to get pass.

It’s easy only if you speak really well in both english and the language that you choose. I went for online class where my friend took classes from him. I found that to be useful because he gave lot of dialogues to practice.

Thank you so much for the details @Aksharha_Gopinath , this link really help.Please share the online class details to prepare.

@Aksharha_Gopinath Can you please share details on how to prepare for this exam ( available online classes , portal, links to refer etc.,) This you tube link you shared gave an idea on how to book the test.

Hi, I have seen few online classes for NAATI CCL. Below are few links,

  1. NAATI CCL Training Centre | Naati CCL | Best NAATI Coaching in Australia

  2. Crack NAATI CCL With Online Coaching | CCL Tutorials



You can try any of these.

And now we can take NAATI CCL Exam also online from home.

Good luck !!

I did my own preparation. Some examples are given on naati site itself with dialogue and audio.

Since this a online test now, can candidates outside australia take the same

Hi Vinodh, Yes. We can take online test from anywhere outside or inside Australia.

Hello Santhosh

I was just going through this thread and found something which I am searching for in your comment. May I know
1)from which location have you appeared for the NAATI exam?
2)how did you book it(link pls) ?
3) for which language have you taken the exam?

Would be so helpful if you could provide as much as details on this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Priyanka,

My Tamil NAATI exam is on Aug 10th, 2020, I will be attending it online from Singapore.

Refer to this link to understand how to book for the NAATI exam.

All the best !

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Hi Santosh,
Have you given your exam from Singapore? Is online exam option from anywhere started some time ago? Because I found everywhere that we can give exam only from Australia.

Dear Santhosh,

Were you able to take the test from Singapore. Since there are no official confirmation from NAATI, your experience on taking the NAATI CCL test outside Australia will really help candidates like myself and others.

Also did you provide your Singapore address or Australian address to take the test.

BTW, advance congratulations on your successful result.

Hi Gokul,

Yes, I took the online test from Singapore. You proceed to submit in the application first as per the video link I sent earlier. NAATI will review the application and confirm. Then you can select the test date and do the payment.

It is 100% confirm it can be taken online from anywhere and no need to be in Australia. Not only me, there are many people taking this online test from India now.

Thank you Gokul, I got my results today and I cleared it.

Wish you good luck.

Let me know if you need any further help.

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Hi Ayush,

I took online exam from Singapore. You can proceed to submit the application form in the NAATI website and once they approve you can select the test date and do payment.

Thanks Santhosh. This really helps.

Hai.can u tell me which website helped u in preparing naati tamil??
How long preparation r needed?

Hi friend, can you please confirm whether we can take the online test outside Australia also?. I am an Indian citizen ,now working in Qatar and I too wanna take the test from Qatar. Is it possible? And also if I book now and do the payment, will it ask my location and reject if not applicable. Because I dont want to do the payment and lose the amount if I cannot take the exam from my location. Please reply… Thanks in advance.