I130 Processing Time 2019 Archive

Hi i am green card holder I filed for my unmarried son under 21 years old in California center and my receipt date October 5th 2017 how long more you think will need for approval

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Hi @Mujahed
You can expect I130 approval for your son by March 2021.

Hi guys I filled 130 form for pareent as usc on 23 of jan 2019 Texas service center when should expect approval

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Hello I Have a question about I-130 I filed it for my husband on oct 9,2018 when should I expect an approval?

Hi @abdul_ghafar
You can expect your parents I140 approval by Aug 2019 second week end.

Hi @Nada_Nazar
Are you US citizen? Which service center have you filed your application at?

Anil But the website said 18.5 my son under 21 and unmarried and I filed for him on October 5th 2017

Yes I am a citizen, my lawyer filed for me at the Taxes service center

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Hi @Mujahed
Sorry, my mistake. I counted your case as if you were a US citizen. Missed the ‘Green card’ statement.

You are right.

Hi @Nada_Nazar
You can expect to receive approval anytime now.


Again I am Green card holder i filed i130 for my child back on October 5th 2017 in California center He is under 21 years and unmarried please how long will take

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Hi @Mujahed
You can expect your I-130 approval by July 2019 end.

My PD is Dec 27 2017 when I should expect approval?

Please use the estimated times mentioned on the am22tech I130 processing time page. I cannot estimate each case individually. Sorry.

how to know exactly if u can help with this i mean theres nothin meniton like 27 dec 18 ?

Hi @ibrahim_jouda
I do not understand your question.

Hi, when could I approximately expect my NOA? Priority date is Jan 15 2019 - Texas Service Center

My petitioner is US Citizen and I’m from Canada - born in Canada


What do you mean by NOA?

Notice of Action - Approval

Please use the estimated times given on this page that’s updated every 3 hours for I-130 processing time.

I cannot estimate each case separately. Sorry.