ICT project manager - chance of invite

My occupation code is ICT Project Manager(135112) and I have applied for my EOI for 190 in Sept 2017 with 70 points(includes 20 points of PTE and state sponsorship).
Is there any chance of invite ?


Are your points 65 without state sponsorship?

Yes it is 65 without state sponsorship.

The chances of invite are low with 65 points. The state points are only added if state invites you.

So, your points are actually counted as 65 before invite.

You said that you filed your EOI in Sep 2017? It is more than 1.5 year now.

You must have got extra work experience now. Did you update your EOI with added work experience to try and increase your points?

Hi Anil,
I have maximum points(15) for my experience already. I have not seen invitations for this job code throughout second half of last year and this year. Any other suggestions please ?


Improve your English test score. That’s probably the best option.

I have 89 in PTE(20 points) :). Cannot score more. Thanks.

You can try NAATI certification then. Search for it and you may be able to get 5 points with it.

Yes Anil. I am giving it a try since thats the only option left for me. Thanks for your time and valuable feedback. Really appreciate it.

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Hi Anil,
What are the chances with 80 points for ICT Project Manager (135112) for 189 & 190 visa? Any particular state I should specifically target?

Hi Anil, Please reply regarding my chances with 80 points (including state nomination) for ICT Project Manager (135112) for 189 & 190 visa? Any province which I need to target particularly?

Hi @Lakshay_Soni

Chances are low for an invite with 80 points at this time based on current trend.

I suggest to try and increase points to at-least 85.