ICT Security Specialist Chance of invite in 2020 - ANZSCO 262112

Hi Anil,

Could you please help me know the current processing time for ANZSCO code 262112 for ICT Security Specialist.
Points 70.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Hope you are well.

I had lodged my EOI ( ICT SECURITY SPECIALIST ) on 27th October with 2019 for 189 and 190 with 80 and 85 points respectively. I had to leave Australia on November 2019 as my 485 visa was expiring.

Now I think I am removed from the list of 190 as I am not currently living in Australia.

  1. What do you think about my 190 Lodgement for NSW?

  2. When can I expect invitation for 189 with 80 points?

  3. If it is going to take more time, which visa I should apply to go back to Australia?

Planning to contact with my previous employer for the visa. Which visa you recommend me to discuss with my Australian employer ?

Getting bit frustrated day by day. Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
Arif Ahmed

Hi Anil,

Here is my report:
EOI initially logged: 22/02/2019
Last updated: 19/08/2019
Current Point: 85

I saw an estimation from another site and they are showing still it does take another 9,10 months to get an invitation.

Can you please tell me when can I expect an invitation with the current 85 points?

Kind regards

Hi @manojc007

I don’t estimate the time case by case now. Sorry. 85 points is a good score for an invite.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

Thanks for your reply.

Hi @Arif_Ahmed

I do not have any suggestions to make at this time for your case.


Thanks for your reply.

Please make some suggestions once you have some time.



I will be filling for EOI for the jobcode 262112 with the point 70 (189) and 75(190).
Could you please tell me how much time would it take for receiving the PR.

Hi @Pinky_Gowda

Chance of invite with 70 points are low at this time. I suggest to increase points to at-least 85 as per current trend.