Indian Passport Renewal - Income Tax Return as proof of address, Bifurcated State, Name Correction

Hi Anil,

I am in the process of renewing my Indian passport from USA through VFS Global. I have below questions while applying for my renewal.

  1. We can use Income Tax Return as valid proof of address in the USA. Does this mean my W-2 Form? If not what other Income Tax Return documents I can use as valid proof?

  2. My mother first and last name are incorrect in my passport. Can I apply for a change in name in the same application? And what supporting documents do I need to send them?

  3. I still have the same Indian Address, but my state (Telangana) is bifurcated from Andhra Pradesh. Address is not changed except the state is different. Do I need to opt for change of address? If so the old address proofs are sufficient? (I have Andhra Pradesh address in my Indian ID).

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  1. Below the documents you can submit for proof of address (Any one): Yes you can send Income Tax returns filed in the US (Form 1040) notarized.
  • State Issued ID OR
  • Driving license OR
  • Utility Bill - Water (should be recent, no more than 3 months old) OR
  • Utility Bill - Gas (should be recent, no more than 3 months old) OR
  • Utility Bill - Electricity (should be recent, no more than 3 months old) OR
  • Valid Lease Agreement (Either main page of lease which has the address, or the signature page need to be notarized) OR
  • Mortgage (Either main page of lease which has the address, or the signature page need to be notarized) OR
  • Income Tax return OR
  • For College/University Students living on campus in University housing/dormitories, a letter from your institution on the institution letterhead explaining the exact address that you presently reside in will suffice.
  • Marriage Certificate in case the address in spouse’s name, birth certificate of child in case of minor applicant along with parent’s address proof.
  • In case of applicant residing with parents/children/ relatives, a notarized undertaking from them with one of the copies of address proof as indicated above.
  1. You can submit a notarized color copy of your Birth certificate to correct your Mothers name in your passport.
  2. Complete passport application forms selecting your state as Telangana. If you current passport address is the same (except for the state) no additional backup documentation is required. But does not harm to provide a notarized copy of your address proof in India to avoid delays.
    Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply Gupta.

Hey @rajasyamala ! I had a follow up question to your question. Did sending in a Notarized W2 work as a proof of address for you?
Would be great if you could let me know!

Hi @rajasyamala ,

Were you able to Renew your passport with the India ID address as Andhra Pradesh.?

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Just to give an update on using tax document as an address proof. I recently renewed passport with notorized tax return 1040. Hope this helps.

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Hello Siddharth, did you send a Black and White notorized copy of your 1040?


I believe 1040 tax return document is black and white in its original form. There is no option to print it in color format. So only option would be to send notorized copy of it.

I hope this helps!

Hi Rajasyamala,

Were you able to renew your passport with India ID with that state change ? (AP in passport but Telangana on the passport application file) rest of the address is same.

Same situation here with me so just checking.!


Yes Kumar. They accepted my drivers license with state change (rest of the address is same though).

Yes. They accepted my drivers license with state change (rest of the address is same though).

Awesome.! Thanks for the response Rajasyamala

Hi Siddharth,

All the pages of 1040 should be sent as address proof or only first page is enough? I have 11 pages in total.

AND do we need to notarize each and every page?

Please help me.

I believe I sent only 2 pages and notorized both.

Cool, thanks a lot Siddharth.

Hello, were you able to use a notarized W-2 form? Thank you

Hello Siddharth, will a client copy of Income Tax Return 1040 NR work?

@Siddharth_Khot and all- I deferred my tax returns to October. Do you know if it ll be OK to submit my 2021 tax returns that was filed last year as proof of address for my wife? She doesn’t have anything else. Please advise me.

Hello, Can you use a notarized W-2 form as a valid address proof? I believe both W2 and 1040 form are different but can someone please confirm if we can use W2 alone. Thank you

Hello I am going through the same process of having to mail in my passport renewal and have many questions:

  1. I don’t have a printer, are all the items that are to be printed like the main application, VSF confirmation receipt and pre-paid mailing labels downloadable so that I can send them to another printer to print?

  2. I don’t use a cell phone only a wireless landline, the VSF registration site requires a mobile phone to register, will they accept my wireless landline number?

  3. Does my income tax return as proof of US residence need to be notarized? From the explanation on the instructions, it does not look like it needs notarization.
    I am going to a notary tomorrow to notarize the other forms - green card, change of appearance form. I am doing forms early though I will be not filling out the applications for at least a couple of weeks yet. Thank you.