Initiation of Police Verification Request for Indian passport even though printing US address

My passport had usa address, wanted to change to new USA address. Every where in passport i kept USA address. Embassy sent me email asking India address, i provided India address and specifically said no one lives there since 10 years.
They sent an email 2 days back saying “Initiation of Police Verification Request” now what, no one lives there.
Just now got an email saying my passport will be delivering. Can we ignore police clearance in India?
This processes is not well designed.

That’s just a formality as you are an NRI.

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@anil_am22 My Police verification initiation is over 3 weeks now. No one has got in touch with my Parents till now. My parents called the local police station and they said they have no idea on this. My parents are 70+ I cannot ask them to go multiple Police station to looks for my file number in these Covid situation. When I am mailing SF consulate they are saying it is separate process done by India BUT only after they give clearance I will get my passport.

Please let me know if you can provide any email ID or number who can help with Police clearance.

This whole process is absolutely harassing. Most NRIs applying for renewal is not physically present in hometown for this check and the parents have to run around for us in their old age. This is such a helpless situation for me right now.

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@minhaj @anil_am22 I’m applying for my renewal process and was luckily going through these discussion forums. But not yet able to decide if I need to provide India or US Address. My parents will be travelling to USA in a month and not sure if police verification will be done within this time.

Please suggest me here with some inputs.

Note: I’m applying for regular process and not tatkal.

I gave US address every where still they sent me an email asking india address and whats the nearest police station name. I provided them address but mentioned no one stays there for past 10 years, they ignored and started police verification. In the mean time i got my passport but to be on safer side i had to contact my neighbors, gave them adhar card copy. They came and took the copy with 500rs and left.

Ok. I mentioned my cousins address as a backup option. I guess it’s more to do with 500rs :wink:

yep any address where someone is present should be easy, also ready with some cash :smirk:

My address in India was changed. But, I didn’t have any document proof for the new address. So, I applied for the passport renewal with no address change option thinking that there won’t be any police verification. Today, I got a mail mentioning the the police verification request has been sent to the Police department. Do I need to take any action ?


When I applied for renewal for my minor son, it went to police verification. But the status changed to application granted after 3 days, without any actual verification as nobody is staying at that address currently. Note, the India address on the old and the new passport were the same.

My passport renewal is in progress at SFO Embassy. I got an email ‘Initiation of Police Verification Request…’. Someone from my local police station did visit my home within 2 days and asked to provide following:

  1. Application that my relative will present documents on my behalf (kind of coverletter with my signature)
  2. Passport pages (1st, last, Visa stamp, Entry and Exit stamps of recent India visit - luckily I took pictures of all pages before sending my current passport)
  3. Identification for my relative
    Still awaiting update (almost a week) since I got the initial email.
    Will keep everyone posted here.

Bottomline - police verification does happen.

Hope this helps.

All the best.

Yeah same has happened to my wife. Just got the email on police verification. What happens if police back in India deny the verification for some reason?! And how many weeks does it take to get the new passport in this case?


So you got the new passport without police verification completed? that’s interesting.

Update. After the police verification documents were submitted on 09/24/2020 (they told that verification will be complete within 2 weeks) in India, I received update yesterday (10/01/2020) that passport is being prepared for delivery and it was delivered today (10/02/2020).

Once police verification documents are submitted (or verification done in India), you can continue to check your applications status at: Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates. This is the same website where you filled up Passport Form when you filled up Application.

Once you log into above website, it will show you your submitted application. You can click on ‘Track Application Status’ and it will show you the latest update.

I saw few statuses on the Passport Portal. Police verification completed -> changed to Passport Application has been granted -> changed to Print has been initiated for the passport -> followed by Passport is printed and being prepared for delivery. (not exact words!)

Example of one of the status.


Hope this helps.


Here are the few inconveniences i went through, i gave Printed and other address as indian address and provided both my phone number(US Number without regional code) and my fathers number in the passport application hoping that they would use one or the other phone number to call during the process of address verification, i received an email of police verification email on 3rd week after i mailed my passport through UPS but no one visited my parents house in india, so i asked my father to contact local police station, he did and then they came to my parents house on the same day for verification criticizing that indian phone number was not provided he took 1000 rps and next day my application status changed to “In Transit”.
Few mistakes i assume i made are:
while providing my US phone number i did not mention the region code as +1 before entering my phone number (Not sure how it matters as i also provided indian/local phone number which he claims that i did not provide, i can see that i provided it in my passport application).
and the police officer who came for verification said to my parents that the Indian phone number was not provided and my US phone number that i entered was incorrect which surprised me and makes me think that Indian phone number should be provided in CKGS website also as an alternative or primary phone number.
Application status on “portal4.passportindia” till verification was done: Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.

Hi I applied for passport renewal in Houston with US Address. Passport portal ( shows status as “Passport is printed and will be delivered shortly.
Close” for last 1 week and no update, could you update what’s the progress on your side after the “Police Verification email” ?

What happens after Police verification in India is rejected?

Yes. The police went to my address in India and verified. The passport was issued exactly in a month.

The police went to my address in India and verified. The passport was issued exactly in a month.

Passport seva site says , documents have been handed over to osp. And now I got police verification letter. What does it mean