Is it accepted to create multiple EOI Accounts with same email address?

Hi Anil,

Could you please advise me on below points, i am bit confused with the submission.

  1. Is it accepted to create multiple EOI Accounts with same email address?

  2. If so, can i select multiple states in each EOI account with same skill code 262112- ICT security specialist. ?

Eg: EOI Account 1: Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 NSW state
EOI Account 2: Provision visa 489 South Australia
EOI Account 2: Subclass 190 for ACT

Hi @umeshmandala
You have to use a different email address to create a new EOI account.

You can create multiple EOI and select state of your choice.

Hi Anil,

Unfortunately, i have used same email address and created 2 EOI’s. Does it make any effect with my invitation or any negative impact?

EOI Account 1: Submitted under 189 and 190 nsw.
EOI Account 2: Draft but not submitted.

I am not sure if there is any negative effect of using the same email ID.

hi ,

I also have an additional question I created test EOI application and filled it half that also not correct details in aug 2018 I haven’t yet submitted. Now i try to login but due to forgot password and tried 5 times it’s locked. I have created one more EOI in jan 2019 not yet submitted can I go ahead and submit new EOI. What any my old EOI which got locked . Will I get any issue coz there are two EoI’s with same email id even if 1 is not yet completely filled and and also locked coz of misattempt of password

Hi @priyankaAgawal987

Please read above discussion.

But my Question is Different. I don’t even want to submit other EOI. I even gave wrong info in it I was just testing the fields and it’s in draft state but however now I forgot the password and the EOI is locked.

Now I created another EOI which I want to what happens to other EOI which is locked and in draft will it have any effect on my submitted EOI?

Hi @priyankaAgawal987

The answer is same, each EOI is considered separately and does not affect the other.

Hi Anil,

Hoping you are doing good.
I have a question regarding EOI submission. Can I submit 2 EOI, one is individual for that I have 90 points for 189 sub class (including 10 addition for single applicants) and also one application with my wife for 85 points (including 5 points of spouce English test). Actually my wife and my work area is different she is working as a HR and I am a software engineer and we can’t availed acs points for my wife due to different work field.

Hi @ashish1007

Please read above.