Issue In tracking passport application form

Hi, anyone know how to track passport application status on vfs global site. To track application vfs site is asking for applicant reference number. Tried with both vfs and government application number but every time getting invalid input error msg.
Pls help if you have any idea.

When was your application received by VFS? Based on the other posts here , it looks like that’s the expected result until VFS actually opens your mail and enters the information into their tracking system.

They received application on 30th Nov…when I raised the tracking issue to them via mail,they replied that they have received the application and it is under process .but still I m not able to track the application

Did you receive a confirmation email/message from them confirming that they received the package? If yes, how long did they take to confirm after you shipped the documents?

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When I asked over the email through support email,then they confirmed…2 days after receiving documents,they confirmed that they received the mail

Thank you. Sent an email yesterday will wait for a reply

Can you please let me know what was the email address you used to contact them?
My application was also delivered on 30th Nov at the NYC office.

I used the “contact us” tab on their website (link below) and they got back in 48 hours.

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Once they reply back (which is back to your provided email ID) you can continue the conversation on email.

Once your application reaches VFS you can track it by using the Govt. Reference Number. By reaches I mean that they have entered it in their system. My overnight courier reached them on Monday at 10:30 AM but I was not able to track it till Thursday. So you need to be patient with them.

Hello mahendra
Can you please reply how long did it take to sort this out?
I sent my application to SFO and it was recieved on monday (14-Dec) according to Fedex. It is still showing as invalid inputs as of wednesday. How long did it take for you?

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My application was received by vfs on 30th Nov and on 10th dec,I was able to track application.and on the same day I received mail regarding missing doc
.and now they have received missing doc on 14th dec sent by me on 11th Dec.
still no update on system
They are very slow in processing and providing update.

SFO received my docs on 10th Dec and VFS sent acknowledgment email on 18th.

Have you received any update?? They requested addition docs on 10th dec ,which was received by them on 14th dec…after 14th dec,I have not received any update from them…still the status on vfs tracking site is " on hold, requested for Additional document"

any help in escalating the issue.

Send them an email, if no response contact your consulate. They should help you out. Mine was also still on hold. CGISFO helped me out

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Sending an email daily .2 days back ,raised query on pramit but not help from them yet…in how many days,u received the passport

Mine is still with SFO - under process since 14 Dec

Yes, I received my new Passport on 12/24.

Did you get status update at every stage?? And were u able to track on govt site?

Once the application is sent to the Consulate, you need to track it from Passport seva website and not from VFS website, the same applies once passport is sent back to VFS.