Issue in VFS Global website When "Create New Application" - Passport


I’m facing Issue in VFS website, when creating new Application - Passport. I filled all the details and clicked on Proceed, but didn’t get any response from the website. any body else facing the same issue and got it resolved.

Please let me know.


Hi Tej, I had that problem which went away when I disabled my pop-up blocker and adblockers. The website is still slow, but it works.

Now my issue is that when I try to add customer, it won’t let me submit. It gives me the error “passport number does not allow only alpha characters.” Have you had this problem?


I am not able to move to Courier services steps in vfs global application.
After i submitted the application filling the details, it just logged me out.

Cannot retrieve my application with any of the searching parameters.
Gov of India should be making our life easy, remove VFS global contract.