Issues with Indian Passport renewal via VFS Global

It was failing to me at the add customer step itself.

Did you try it today. The same happened to me in Saturday but it seems like Add Customer issues are resolved. Also, don’t put spaces in name section. This will cause invalid session in next steps

Thanks. Today I’m able to add customer. But its failing at courier services for me as well with invalid session

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did anybody get a response about OTHER documents? still waiting for a reply from VFS support. One week has gone with this stupid VFS service :exploding_head: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This worked for me. Thank you! I had entered 3 names/words in the First Name field (as that’s what is on my passport), but after I split those 3 into first, middle and last name, it proceeded to payment step. However, this is not how my name appears on the passport so don’t know what to do…

I applied for minor passport renewal.
Sent Fedex on 11/11 VFS recieved it on 12/11 I got confirmaiton on 13/11.
I got

I attached notarized parents visa, but now ;looks like they need notary for kid’s visa as well.
Anexure D does not say we need to notarize it :slight_smile:
So nexttime anyone doing send notarized copy.
Do I have to send a covering letter or something along with these documents.

Hello Everyone,

Do they ask for Indian address proof if you don’t change the Indian address on the current passport ? It seems it has happened to some people on this forum.

Everyone: If you can share your experience, whether you were asked for Indian address proof if the address on passport stays same. Please do.


I have applied on same dates you have but haven’t received any email confirmation yet. Tracking is also not working. Which place you applied? I have applied to New York address.

applied for passport renewal for my kid on the same date under Tatkal and they received it on 11/12.
and got the below message today morning (11/13)… i didn’t send notarized ANNEXURE D as it was not in their mandatory check list… I sent only notarized VISA for kid and Parents. not sure they are still processing my application or they will send query for my case also for ANNEXURE D notarization…

Did you get this message before they sent you next update on provide notary ?

Received’ your Application and your Application is now ‘Under Process’ at ICAC in Consulate General of India, NY.update

Hi @Lakshmanakumar_Logan and @sun1

I’m slightly confused by this process. Here are the details. My first name is: Protyush and last name is: Sahu

I have no middle name and that is how I have it in my current passport ( First name = Protyush, Last name = Sahu, and no middle name).

How should I fill up my name in VFS application process so that I don’t get the invalid key error ? If you can give screenshots I can work with that as well.

Thanks in advance

I am getting the message “Invalid session, kindly initiate your application schedule/reschedule again” after entering the Courier Service Address . My consulate is San Fransisco… Was any body able to complete the process … Please help

Hi @Sabarish_Sathasivan,

I believe the trick is in how you enter your first, middle and last name. I’m trying to figure that out myself.

Does any of your first, middle or last name contain more than one word ? Basically, is there a space in your first, middle or last names ?

Yes My First Name is Sankara Pillai and Last Name is Sabarish Sathasivan

I believe that might be the source of problem. Please go through this post.

I am unable to proceed to create new application in VFS Questionnaire link. Unable to proceed with step 1 itself. Anyone facing the same issue. Can you pls let me know if there is a workaround.

Hi @Mohamed_Ali_Khan and @Ishani_Doshi

Maybe you can clarify the process. The way I understand, there should be only one word (no spaces) in the first name, middle name and last name box. Is that correct ?

If you have multiple words in a single box (first, middle or last name box), then you get the invalid session error. If you have just one word for first, middle and last name, you should be good.

Did I understand this right ?

Thanks a bunch.

Hi - Don’t fill it with false information but at the same time you are able to proceed and print the courier labels.

1.Edit the Customer Add form to split your names between First Name, Last Name and Middle name all having just as 1 word (this is just temporary).
For Example: As per our Indian passport naming convention((illustrated just for an example).
Given Name: Ramesh Kumar
Sur Name: Mani Kandan
In this case, remove the space between ‘Ramesh’ and ‘Kumar’ (make it as ‘RameshKumar’) and similarly remove the space between the Sur name ‘Mani’ and ‘Kandan’ (make it as Manikandan) and proceed with this.

2.Proceed to print courier labels (as @Ishani_Doshi has suggested) - validate address and submit.
3.Go ‘back’ to Edit Customer and fix the names to show up as it is in the passport. For example: Update the names as like below(illustrated just for an example)
Given Name: Ramesh Kumar (as you need in passport, space between Ramesh and Kumar)
Sur Name: Mani Kandan (as you need in passport, space between Kumar and Kandan)
4.You will need to re-process your courier label form, but this time it will proceed further without issues (at least it did for me).
NOTE: It worked for me, may be you can give a try. Please ensure to check before submitting you are having the name updated as per your passport requirements.

While applying for the Minor’s passport: How to send the parents passport page copies?

  • We need to send ONLY the first 5 pages copies and last 3-pages copies of both-parents passports. Right? I meant, do NOT need to send the copies of entire 2-passport page copies.

Please confirm if somebody pass though this stage.

Yes notarized color copies of both parents passport( front and back pages containing identity(photo and address details)

I have been thinking about why can’t we all raise our voice against this pathetic VFS service with the Indian embassy? I personally have been waiting since OCT month to get my Kid passport renewed and till now not successful.

A lot of people facing so many issues and their service sucks.

Please comment if you guys thing the same