Issues with Indian Passport renewal via VFS Global

I am unable to proceed to create new application in VFS Questionnaire link. Unable to proceed with step 1 itself. Anyone facing the same issue. Can you pls let me know if there is a workaround.

Hi @Mohamed_Ali_Khan and @Ishani_Doshi

Maybe you can clarify the process. The way I understand, there should be only one word (no spaces) in the first name, middle name and last name box. Is that correct ?

If you have multiple words in a single box (first, middle or last name box), then you get the invalid session error. If you have just one word for first, middle and last name, you should be good.

Did I understand this right ?

Thanks a bunch.

Hi - Don’t fill it with false information but at the same time you are able to proceed and print the courier labels.

1.Edit the Customer Add form to split your names between First Name, Last Name and Middle name all having just as 1 word (this is just temporary).
For Example: As per our Indian passport naming convention((illustrated just for an example).
Given Name: Ramesh Kumar
Sur Name: Mani Kandan
In this case, remove the space between ‘Ramesh’ and ‘Kumar’ (make it as ‘RameshKumar’) and similarly remove the space between the Sur name ‘Mani’ and ‘Kandan’ (make it as Manikandan) and proceed with this.

2.Proceed to print courier labels (as @Ishani_Doshi has suggested) - validate address and submit.
3.Go ‘back’ to Edit Customer and fix the names to show up as it is in the passport. For example: Update the names as like below(illustrated just for an example)
Given Name: Ramesh Kumar (as you need in passport, space between Ramesh and Kumar)
Sur Name: Mani Kandan (as you need in passport, space between Kumar and Kandan)
4.You will need to re-process your courier label form, but this time it will proceed further without issues (at least it did for me).
NOTE: It worked for me, may be you can give a try. Please ensure to check before submitting you are having the name updated as per your passport requirements.

While applying for the Minor’s passport: How to send the parents passport page copies?

  • We need to send ONLY the first 5 pages copies and last 3-pages copies of both-parents passports. Right? I meant, do NOT need to send the copies of entire 2-passport page copies.

Please confirm if somebody pass though this stage.

Yes notarized color copies of both parents passport( front and back pages containing identity(photo and address details)

I have been thinking about why can’t we all raise our voice against this pathetic VFS service with the Indian embassy? I personally have been waiting since OCT month to get my Kid passport renewed and till now not successful.

A lot of people facing so many issues and their service sucks.

Please comment if you guys thing the same

Hi ,

I am applying for passport renewal, but the vfs global site gets errored out while trying to proceed to payment after selecting the courier services. The page says error while processing your request.

How can we reslove this issue?

while submitting the courier address , don’t use any spaces between address
eg: “100 magic street” instead do like this “100magicstreet”.
after hitting submit button, it will take you the next page where you can do the payment details. Once you see that page, go back to the earlier page (courier address page) and then
add spaces wherever you want.

this will fix the above issue.

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you can try like below.

Hi, I was going through the checklist for “VALID STATUS IN THE USA” and what does “NOTE” highlighted " obtain prior approval from the Embassy/Consulate" below means?

VALID STATUS IN THE USA: Please submit the below documents as applicable, in Color – copy & Notarized (with Stamp and Notary signature;

    • Valid Green Card,
    • Valid Visa,
    • Valid I-797A Approval Notice,
    • Valid Work permit/Study Permit, OR
    • Recently expired Visa or I-797A Approval notice together with I-797C Receipt Notice for filing of a request for extension before the expiry of Visa or I-797A.


Note: If the visa status is pending, please obtain prior approval from the Embassy/Consulate.


Question: One NOTARY covering letter is fine for all 4-doucments?

I have gone to bank today for NOTARY of 4-documents.

  • Change of appearance
  • Address proof (DMV license copy)
  • I797A valid visa copy
  • Passport copy

But the NOTARY officer only gave me one COVERING letter with mentioning of 4- documents: “Change of appearance and others” notarized.
Is that fine, will the VFS accept this format? Will they be okay … with ONE covering letter with “others” as all the remaining three documents notarized?
Should I request for a separate covering letter for each document?

If somebody has gone through the stage, could you please let me know your thoughts?


I am having issues with shipping options.

1 - when I select “VFS offered courier option”, I am getting a pop up saying “VFS offered courier service can only be availed if online mode of payment is selected”. Any suggestion on which shipping to take?

2 - Then I have selected “I will use my own courier label”, but it is asking “Incoming” and “Outgoing” courier labels. To create courier label, I need to know the San Francisco VFS ADDRESS for passport renewal documents. I am seeing San francisco Visa application address, will that be same for passport related documents too>?
Can anyone confirm this is the correct address -

  1. My 5 year old daugter’s passport is expiring december 9th. I think I need to do Tatkal option because of the delay due to CKGS to VFS change and the ongoing struggles in VFS website. Is there any special requirement for Tatkal application?

Appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

Hi, what is the link for the self-sworn affidavit in the checklist? It currently says “Self-Sworn Affidavit: This is to confirm that I have been/have not been (select whichever is correct) residing
outside India continuously for more than five years.”.
Should I mark it right there on the checklist or is it some separate form?

Complete list of documents with what needs notary and what not including self sworn affidavit.

  1. Create Change in Appearance Affidavit Online
  2. Create Self Sworn Affidavit Online
  3. Create Annexure E affidavit online
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VFS has been quite frustrating. Cant get to the FEDEX payment page. To create UPS labels, you need to know their mailing address.
If someone has been fortunate to get through the process, please share address of VFS NY centre.

NY Address

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Thanks for your help, Thanmayisri! I have been writing to VFS since past week with no luck! You guys here are awesome!

Has anyone managed to get to the payment site with NY centre. I tried typing my name and address with no spaces as someone here had suggested, but it didnot work for me :frowning:

the default shipping service has some issue… i used my own shipping label (UPS) .

Tharun, what kind of UPS envelopes did you use for the outgoing and return packages?
I was wondering how to fit in the return envelope in the package. Did you fold it and put it in?

the return label attached to the A4 and folded it and kept inside my packet. I preferred to walk-in ups store to get the labels prepared.

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