Issues with Indian Passport renewal via VFS Global

I have sent my application to VFS NY using fedex on 11/11 and it was received by them on 11/12 according to the fedex tracking. I haven’t received email confirmation yet. Is anyone in the same boat? How long it takes generally to receive the confirmation email?

Hi, I shipped documents on 14th Nov and it was delivered an hour ago today as per FEDEX tracking, however DID NOT get any text message or an email confirmation from VFS ICAC till now. Did anyone has any updates or information on the next steps after we ship documents?

Usually you get confirmation email next day after it was received by VFS.

If the H4 extension(minor 5 years) is in progress, do we need to get an approval letter from the Embassy / Consulate before applying passport re issuance?

I also see it mentioned in the checklist

Can anyone please help me with the info?

Has anyone faced issues tracking the application status via
i have tried using my Govt. Reference number as well as the VFS reference .

i am getting invalid inputs response in both cases

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not sure about that however, they asked me to provide a notarised annexure D form for my kids<5 passport renewal. I don’t think that they mentioned anything about notarising ANNEXURE D in the checklist.

We are awaiting the following documents


it is given in this site not in their VFS. so ensure that doc is notarized

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I am in same boat. My application was received by them on 11/12 and yet I am unable to track the application using either of the numbers. When did you send the application?

I think that is an optional document as a proof of address. If you have other form of proof e.g. driving license or utility bill, you do not need W-2.

thanks for letting me know. Can you please let me know what docs you sent and what were notarized among them?

For minors, do we need to fill "“Self-Sworn Affidavit”?


Have you by any chance tried tracking from govt. of india site ?


Please let us know, if it works.

I got the following documents notarized for my kid
Annexure D-Notarized (with Stamp and Notary Signatory)
Affidavit for change of appearance & Signature -Original - Notarized (with Stamp and Notary Signatory)
PROOF OF ADDRESS in (Color-copy, Notarized (with Stamp and Notary signature)
PARENTS LEGAL STATUS-Notarized copy of valid legal status of both parents

I have also provided the Self-Sworn Affidavit as well…not really sure if it’s really needed

I have tried that, but it shows Application form was submitted. It showing this status even before I submitted my application to VFS, so seems that status is standard status right after submitting form. I am more concerned about my original passport and document sent to VFS, because they haven’t sent me confirmation email and it is more than 3 business days.

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So you did not include any envelope for return? Also did you select drop off or pick up option for return shipping?

I got an email saying 2 documents are missing. There is no instruction on how to resend the missing documents.

Does anyone know how to resend missing documents?

Hi, I am facing the same issue on VFS as “Invalid Session” after adding the Courier Service Details - Went through one of the work arounds suggested here was to edit the Customer Name.
When I tried that, I am getting an error with the Passport Number, which says -
“Passport Number does not allow only Alpha characters”.
While I dont understand what this means, did anyone face this too while editing Customer Name …


Does VFS offer email/text alerts on the status of your application if you mail it via UPS? If so, how do you purchase the email/text alerts option? I believe it’s a paid feature.

Do we need to send return label for VFS Fedex courier option ?

I know, we don’t need to send return envelope (correct me if I’m wrong). But what about return label ?

Please let me know.

Usually they take a day to respond even after they receive the documents. Atleast 24 hours to get a notificiation/email from them about the next steps. too

It says the same dialogue as when the online application was submitted.I got FedEx notification that the package was delivered but no update in the passport seva site.