Minor Passport renewal in usa

I have few queries regarding minor indian passport renewal application in USA .

  1. for minors where printable address is usa address, what can be supporting documents ?
    As per vfs document checklist
    “in case of applicant residing with parents/children/brother/sister, a notarized undertaking from them with one of the Notarized copies of address proof as indicated above”

I can attach a DL notarized copy as address proof but what is meant by notarized undertaking? Is it for adults only or for minors too?

  1. also on govt. Application form minors can sign on last page , does parent(s) need to sign below children signatures ?
  1. Birth certificate of child in case of minor applicant along with parent’s address proof - DL, Utility bill (Gas, water, electricity), Lease Agreement, etc. Exhaustive doc list is available on VFS site from where you got the details.

  2. Both parents should sign on the last page of the application. Both parents must sign on page 4 of the online application form below the minor’s signature/thumb Impression.


Does birth certificate too needed to be notarized? Nothing is clear in vfs list!!

No, BC need not be notarized. But Address must be notarized.

YOU say "Both parents should sign on the last page of the application. ".
Where in the box OR below box in the last page ??

thanks alot Pankaj for your valuable input .