Mother's last name and address change for passport reissuance


My current passport is expiring in Oct 2024. So I’m applying for re-issuance while I’m in the USA. My original passport has my mother’s last name blank (nothing in that field.)

Question 1:
She has different documents with different spellings of the last name (same phonetically) and her most important last name spelling in (aadhar + passport) phonetically is the same but spelling-wise differs from my (and other father’s) last name.)

In Annexure E, I want to write her last name as she spells it in her current passport (again, it phonetically is the same as me and my father’s last names but differs spelling-wise.) Is this an issue? Would I need to provide her passport copy as proof?

Question 2
For police verification, do I need to change/update my Indian address if my mother has since purchased another house and moved there but she still owns the house at address originally listed on my current passport (and has tenants there)? Both her and the tenants can vouch for me.

Thank you for any info you can provide!

  1. Go with the name that’s mentioned in her Passport/Aadhar. This will serve as documentary proof too.
  2. You can give any address (incl. old one). When called for verification, someone has to visit the Police station.

Thank you!

Do you recommend attaching my mother’s passport copy as proof? Do you know if it needs to be attested by her or notarized in general?

You can send it as proof. If self attested, then better. If they need notarized copy, they will ask for it.


Thank you. By self-attestation, I’m assuming you mean that I sign the copy of my mother’s passport and not have my mother sign it (she’s in India.)

Also, would I check the “Change In Existing Personal Particulars” → “Others” → specify mother’s last name (if she didn’t even have a lastname written on my original passport would this constitute as “change”)