My ACS Skill Assessment Experience - Last year and this year

I would share my experience of 2 ACS skill assessments I did.

SA-1 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer
Date of submission : 19 July 2019
Date of Approval : 04 Sep 2019

I lost one of my mark sheet and it was difficult to get it from my university (Calicut). One case office contacted me multiple times to submit the same. But I said, it was complex process and requested to consider an exception. So at last, she approved after 8 weeks of waiting.

My wife also applied in the same date for Software Tester 261314 and she got the approval within 5 weeks by submitting all the docs.

Later we got to know that, we both cannot apply for SC189 due to these job codes. So my wife applied second SA skill assessment on Dec-1st and she got the positive response in the second week of Jan due to holidays.

SA-2 Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263111
Date of submission : 24 July 2020
Date of Approval : 31 Aug 2019

Compared to last year, this time we had to submit so many docs due to last year ACS docs requirement. I arranged the mark sheet which was missing in last ACS application. I was ready with all docs and submitted the docs as below. Even though I’ve 16 years of experience, didn’t want to show first 2 companies (4 years); so mentioned only about 12 years experience with current company.

Payslips (all from July 2008 to June 2020)
Form 16 (2008 to 2020)
PF statements (2008 to 2020)
Bank Statements (2008 to 2020) - HDFC. Requested online and I got it within a week. Marked the salary details in yellow color
R&R in Company letterhead (Last year, I submitted only the notary attested one. This time, I checked with HR and they issued after I prepared the sheet and got it approved by my manager)

So with all these docs, there was no questions asked by ACS and got the approval within 6 weeks.

Thanks all for your suggestions and all the best for the new ACS SA applicants.


Hi Rathee,

May I know how did you managed to get PF statements for 2008 . Since there was no concept of UAN or EPassbook I have contacted the PF greviance team and still awaiting for update.

Any inputs from you would be really helpful


Hello Hussain,

I was part of Motorola company that time and they had their own PF trust for employees. They used to send every year report in the below format.

Address xxxx
Statement of account as on Mar 31 ’ 2009
PF Account No xxxxx
Name xxxxxx
Code xxxxx DOJ xxxx-2008
Details below in table format

I see, in my case I was employed with IBM and was never given PF statements only the PF no is mentioned on the pay slips, when contacted IBM team suggested to raise a grieveance with PF team for passbook as they used to maintain it manually until 2014. I have payslips and form 16s issued by IBM but I guess ACS will definitely come back asking for additional proofs such as PF statements or Bank statement and both are not available

Hi Hussain,

I heard the same issue with others too in other forums. You try to convince the case officer if they come back. I had similar issue with my one lost mark sheet. She asked several times and mentioned that needs to be submitted for the processing. At last, she approved without providing (I tried to arrange; but couldn’t get). All the best for your positive assessment.

Fingers crossed, thanks heaps Rathee for instant replies

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Hello Ratheesh,

I have BCA from Kannur University and I worked for 2 years.
To support this I have: academic certificate and transcripts from kannur uni and for employment as web developer: I have reference letter, two years payslip and bank statement only.

With those documents. Do you think I can get Positive assessment for Developer Programmer?

Hello Aysha,

I do not have much idea about BCA ; how do they consider this degree.

In the Roles and Responsibilities letter issued by company, all your work details should be there. It should match the roles of Developer Programmer.

Bank statement should have your employer name. Form16 would be better added if you have.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Do the ACS discriminate Universities? I heard for some universities they do not provide AQF bachelor equivalence and they take more work experience for the skills met date. Is it true and will they do for kannur university certificates?

Hello Aysha,

I haven’t heard anything about that difference. As I said earlier, we’ve assessed for 4 years B Tech degree. I’m not sure about 3 year BCA course. Also since Calicut university is assessed positively, I don’t see any issue with Kannur university :slight_smile: .

Have you received your result letter?

Yes received positive assessment

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when did you apply and when did you receive the result?

Applied on 14th sept 2020 received the outcome on 19th Oct

Thankyou for your reply
My status is now “with the assessor”.

As per our experience of 4 skill assessments, it takes minimum 4 weeks to get the results. You need to have patience. Just check mails if they request for additional docs to submit and reply.