No biometrics ~60 days after H4 extension petition

Hi Anil,

Filed H1B/H4/H4EAD concurrent regular petition to Nebraska center on 30 April 2020, received notices on 5th May 2020. H1B was approved on 15th June 2020. Haven’t heard since regarding biometrics appointment.

With the current situation delays are expected, but how much is too much? I checked with employer as well and they haven’t received any biometric notices.
Is this delay normal(that you know off)? Should I keep calm and carry on or is there anything can be done(contact USCIS).

Any pointers(if any) will be helpful.


USCIS Biometric centers are currently closed.

They will reuse Biometric for people who have given it earlier in the US.

For others, the only option is to wait as USCIS will send Biometric appointment letter only when Biometric centers start to reopen.

Thanks for the updates, that helps!

Just curious, is there any page on am22tech which tracks biometric centers reopening dates say state wise or zip code wise?

No, there is no such page.

But, it sounds like a good idea. Let me see if anything can be done.

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That will be super helpful if it works out. Thanks in advance. Please keep us posted.

Hi Anil,

Now that certain ASC’s have re-opened(the one closer to my residence is), how long do we have to wait for biometrics appointment letter(or when should one expect to receive). Can we track it anywhere?