Notarization requirements for ACS

The previous ACS guidelines mentioned the need to notarize all submitted documents with the words “certified true copy of the original”.

However, the latest guidelines doesn’t specify a need to notarize (or those words). Do we still have to do it?

If so, do we need to notarize all 4 categories of documents or the ACS application checklist (Personal Documents, Qualification Documents, Work Experience Documents, and Payment Evidence documents)?

Hi @arjun_chandra

I removed my earlier answer as it was confusing people.

Update: Notary is not required as per new ACS guidelines released at end of 2019.

I actually contacted ACS, and this was their response:

Under the current assessment guidelines we do not require certified copies of documentation for assessment.

Does this mean the documents don’t have to be notarized? @Anil.Gupta

That’s what it sounds like. Looks like they have changed the policy there too.

@Anil.Gupta @arjun_chandra
Do we need Notarize all the documents ?

No, I completed my migration skill assessment and didn’t have to notarize anything.

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Hi Anil,

I am planning to process my Skills Assessment in a week by own, please let us know the required documents as per the new changes , please confirm whether notary is required or not ?

Hi @deepthi

Here is the complete list of documents required for ACS assessment along with other instructions.

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Hi Anil,

Do Payslips, Form 16 require Notarisation?
Also, CV/Resume is mandatory and notarised as well?
I have got insuffecient documentation and i am assuming the above ones are missing as i had not attached. So now i have to apply for review right?

Hi @Rishith_Ramanand

If you read the linked article about ACS documentation, it clearly says that notary is not required.

Please follow it.

You would need to submit a review with missing documents attached.

I could not find any requirement of notirization in their latest guidelines. Can you share link or screenshot plz

Hi @Topgun

Did your read my most recent answer? Please read.

Hey Anil
Yes I read them after I posted my comments
Notarization no more required

Hi Anil,

Thanks a lot for your support. I have submitted my spouse ACS assessment as per your suggestions.
Yesterday we have received ACS result as positive.
ACS considered his experience from 2012 onwards.
I must say this forum is very useful.
Many Thanks


Hi Anil - I have a question. I got my current exp letter with roles and responsibilities from my employer. I have relieving letter of my previous employer - should I get a ref letter for my previous work exp - Also does that need to be certified? Please help - Thanks

Hi @SwatCat

Please read this:


What about while sending the documents for getting the PR visa in the final step (link mentioned below) … are we required to send the notarized documents then?

Sorry, just saw this. I had to notarize everything for the real application as mentioned in the link. Thanks.


Which month and year did you send the documents for the PR stage? I think the rules might have changed now.

Hi Anil, I am in a process of ACS re-assessment, last time i have submitted notarized roles and responsiblities letter. Since the process is getting changed, had gone through the sample letter which you had given in the link.

  1. I wanted to understand still do we need to get notary signature? even if the document is made on plain paper?

  2. witness signature - does it mandate to get it from same company employee? or else anyone can do the witness?

Could I request you to please help me to clear this doubt? it would be really helpful for me to process the same.