Online passport application in Portrait Format

Hi There,
Can someone please help me with how to print 4 pages from the Indian passport website after paying on the VFS website in portrait form?

Because using the latest firefox or Microsoft soft edge it says 5 pages to print in portrait form (8.5×11 size paper) unless I print this application on legal paper size but they keep putting my application on hold for portrait format which I did 4 times.

I really need some advice on that.

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Try changing the printer settings to match your print paper size.

A browser cannot control what you are trying to do.

Hi Deepika - Where you able to figure out the format? If so, can you please help me understand how should this document be printed? My application is on hold because of the same reason.

Hey dear,
I did. I bought A4 size paper from amazon exclusively for passport applications. Also change the printer settings from letter to A4 right before printing as well as on laptop settings.
I hope it will help you.
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Will do, thank you so much for letting me know.

Hello @anil_am22

can we print the passport application form in 8.5×11 size paper or have to be in A4 paper.

please advice me.

Thanks you

@varun2 Varun, what did you finally do to fix the print out issue?
Did you submit your application to VFS?
I am specifically concerned about Application that was generated from Government website.


I am not sure what the exact issue is, but I tried couple of times and then it worked. I am able to see my details in it.

click on the print and then in the preview if you see you details then give a print or else save as PDF and then print.

So the pdf file that you generated took how many pages?

Was it 4 or more?


Around 7 pages

and you already got your passport renewed ? was it done in normal processing?

@varun2 When you printed the application form were some of the details like Place of Issue, Date of Issue, Expiry, File No missing? Can you please let me know if we need to leave them as is or fill them with values from Old passport

Did you get any single updates from VFS like whether they received the application? Or they received and started working on the application?
Till now I just know that Fedex has delivered the package on NYC location, but not a single update yet from VFS.

I sent document 2 weeks back. I received reply from vfs to get documents like Photo , passport application form should be print in portrait format instead of landscape. I am trying to print 4 pages in portrait format but photo box is very small. We can not paste 2x2 photo. Also if I print 6 pages pdf it’s by default coming in landscape.

I left them empty.

Did they ask you to print in 4 pages only ? or they just asked to print in portrait format?

Their document checklist says sign on Page 1 and Page 4. I printed 4pages on A4 paper - box for photo was small- I placed photo best as I could fit and sent. Wait to see what happens - will update accordingly once I hear from VFS🤞

I got the same email. It says " 1. SUBMIT APPLICATION FORM THAT IS PRINTED IN THE CORRECT FORMAT (NOT IN LANDSCAPE)" I will re-print and send them today. But did you also paste a new photo while re-submitting the application and how did you send it to VFS? Courier again with a new label?

Thank you, I also did the same.

They have asked me to resend photo and gave comment like “should not be shady background”. So I took printout with portrait and it’s 5 pages. I did it my own courier expenses and send it today only.