Passport application being sent back

My application for passport renewal is being sent back based on the grounds


My passport is about to expire in 10 months and have applied for renewal at SF consulate. I have used this passport for international travel even in Dec 2022 and had no damages afaik

The definition of passport as per Indian embassy is

And I am confident that it does not fall under that criteria

Now I am afraid that if I apply under damaged, my expiry date will in 10 months and have apply for new passport again in few more months

Did anyone face similar issue before or heard about these incidents ?


You can reach out to VFS to get clarification on why they called it out damaged but not sure if it will change anything.

Alternatively, you can choose to apply under Lost/Category. It’s validity will NOT be for next months. It will be a new passport with different number and with standard validity (just like regular renewal).

We got similar response from Houston

This is what it says

Dear customer,We have received the application at VFS. Your Application Is Being Rejected as NRI government application form you have submitted is incorrect. The form is for RE-ISSUE of passport, you are required to apply under lost/damaged category if your passport is lost/damaged along with additional document Annexure F. (As per the consulate your passport binding is damaged)

My question

My wife’s passport was rejected by VFS saying that we need to apply under damaged/lost category instead of reissue bcoz the stitched thread on passport is visible.
And they asked to file annexure f?

In that it’s asking for police FIR

So do we need to submit FIR for damaged too, as it is not lost

If so any idea how to get FIR in USA

FIR is for Lost passport. Go with declaration and details required for damaged passport.

Thanks for the info @Diwedy . I have applied it under lost/found section. The cost of applying it in lost/damaged is at least 50% more than normal application though. Not sure why VFS is pushing people towards lost/damaged passport form

In Annexure-F, I have mentioned details of the damage VFS might be referring to and send it along with the application. I haven’t filed any FIR.

VFS got the application, reviewed it and forwarded it to the embassy. So I guess that works ?

Hi @Removal9080 I got the same rejection today even though my passport is not damaged. I sent my documents to VFS chicago.

Can you please tell what happened to your application the 2nd time? and did you send it by post or went for an appointment this time?

I come under jurisdiction of SF embassy. So no in-person appointments for me. I applied it under damaged section and the status currently says “print has been initiated”.

I had to apply in whatever category VFS asked for as there is no other option

Thanks for the information.

I got the passport without police verification. So no issues

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Hi @Removal9080, I’m in the same situation. My passport is not damaged but rejected with the same reason as yours.

Glad to hear that you got your new passport.

Does your old passport (claimed as damaged) returned back to you along with new passport?


hi, did you apply through tatkal? I had the same response from Houston VFS, saying my application is rejected because my passport binding is damaged. My passport is about to get expired in April 2024.
So, did you apply in tatkal reissue- damaged section? And after you received your new passport was the passport validation renewed?

Hello all,
when you re-applied, did you answer the following question as YES or NO?

"Have you ever been refused/denied passport? *


Also - was the returned “damaged passport” really damaged in your case?

Hi - Did you reapply? How was the experience? Also , what was teh extent of damage?

Hi OP - Did you reapply? How was the experience? Also , what was teh extent of damage?

@apt2174 Even i got the same reply from Houston VFS. Thought of applying in tatkaal as only binding is the issue and all other information is intact. However, it is not allowing tatkaal option even though its eligible as it is not completely damaged. Did you apply normally again ?

Hello, yes, I reapplied for the damaged passport Normally in damaged section. As I sent an enquiry question to VFS and they said to apply Normally.

@tempPass1223 did you get answer to this question.

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How long it took for VFS to deliver application back via FedEx? I got email yesterday saying binding damaged.

I am waiting for updates from FedEx but no updates yet.

After receiving notification, they will usually send in 1 day. So they should have sent you today. If not they will send in next business day I guess.

You will get notification from FedEx once they create your label (which we have paid for).

Meanwhile you can fill application for damaged passport and get ready to send another application. Once you receive you can send it back immediately by just reusing photos and the documents.
Please note, damaged passport application is different and fee is more. Just need to add Annexture-F in addition.
Even though tatkal should be available as only binding is damaged, they don’t have any option for tatkal for damaged passport. So need to apply as normal passport renewal.