Passport number update after scheduling dropbox appointment

I submitted on sep1st for my dependents and i got back on sep 16th.

@verchasve_621 @Siddharth_Khot : thank you for your replies.

My wife is in same boat… we are in the process of applying new passport for her, once she gets it, do I fill new DS 160 and take old and new passports and DS 160 to my appointment ? or do I need to call ustraveldocs and get my appointment updated before hand ? Please let me know.

They won’t update over the call. You can fill new ds-160 and take it with you.

Fill a new DS-160 form after passport renewal (With new passport details) and carry both the DS-160… they will update during dropbox document submission… I just completed my submission in India and it went well.

Hello, just carry both ds-160 and it should be all good. I don’t think they update ds-160 number over call.

My parents are in similar situation, they are applying for new passport for typographical correction, so when they get new passports can they UPDATE the New Passport Numbers in Existing(old) DS-160 as it is not submitted as its created to schedule a visa appointment and kept it in submitted for any future changes so should they create new DS-160 or edit old Ds160 with new passport number, Note: They have visa appointment scheduled with old passport number and how about the old passport number in USTravelDocs profile request your inputs

Hi @Diwedy: Can you please advice if there is any duration limit for the first time H4 stamping? My current H1B is expiring on September 5th 2024 and my spouse H4 stamping (First time) visa interview is schedule for March 24th 2024, so my spouse is still eligible for H4 stamping?

Your wife will get her H4 visa valid upto the validity of your petition. I am not aware about any other kind of ‘limit’.

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hi Siddharth and Pankaj,
I received new passport after booking visa appoinment with old passport. My concern is while filing ds-160, do we need to fill similar details for new ds-160( for new passport) as we did for old ds-160 except that the passport number is changing? Is it correct?
I did not fill or submit ds-160 with old passport number yet, so may I know if I can update the new passport in ds-160 instead such that I can only carry on one ds-160. Kindly advise.

If you have not submitted DS160 with old passport details, then update the saved DS-160 with all latest details before submitting. You can carry only one confirmation in this case.

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But the visa appointment is registered with old passport details and I wont have an ds-160 with that passport number. Is that fine?

Hi, I have taken the visa appointment already. My DS160 have correct passport info but appointment confirmation has old passport information as I signed up in USVisa scheduling using my existing credentials in CGI. I know there is no option to change the passport information in new USvisascheduling portal so what can I do here to change the passport number in the appointment confirmation?

You have to ask the usavisascheduling customer support if they can help change the old passport number.

Hello please see below in regards to what happens if you need to fill new ds-160 due to any reason:

As per new updates, for applicants booking appointments on or after 11/15/2023, consulates do not honor appointments if you don’t have old ds-160 confirmation page (along with updated one). This has been done to curtail on appointments where people use ds-160 as a placeholder to book appointments and don’t actually submit it until few days before appointment.

Thank you.

As far as passport number goes, it is common to have new passport number that doesn’t match with appointment confirmation - just reach out to customer care via ticketing system and they will reply that it is okay to carry both passports (I don’t think there is any other way) . Print that reply and take it with you to appointment.

My 2nd concern is that I am eligible for dropbox but while taking the appointment dates , I am getting option for interview as well where I should just get the OFC appointment calendar with interview waiver option.
Please help/guide with this as well

Dropbox appointment is also called as VAC appointment (visa application center).

As long as portal doesn’t prompt you to book two appointments (fingerprint and interview), it should be Dropbox appointment.

It prompted me to book 2 appointments and I believe I should have selected the “close and start new application option” , as I am reading on other blogs that if we just click on “continue application” option,we dont get this interview waiver option so now not sure if I should cancel the appointment and then start all over again.
but in this case , may be have to pay the visa fee again because in RESCHEDULING it does not give the option to start the application again.