Passport number update after scheduling dropbox appointment

They are not attending the call.

@Sajeesh_Sukumaran @Kartik_Panchal: Did anyone of you got hold on customer care as I tried calling them but it was unanswered?

@Sajeesh_Sukumaran Are you trying calling service desk of new US visa portal? If yes then can you please share the contact details and preferred days/time to call from the USA?

Hello folks, anyone try to go for Dropbox appointment with a new passport number? But the appointment and DS160 had old passport number? Thanks

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DS160 should have the most recent information incl. new passport number. Other things can be updated by VFS in the profile at the appointment time.

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@Sajeesh_Sukumaran Can you please share the contact details here? This is getting really frustrated as none of their numbers are working and they aren’t responsive to any emails follow up.


No worries. I took both the passports for dropbox appointment on sep 1st 2023. They checked and took the latest passport and latest ds160.
They will update the details there. I am waiting for getting them stamped back.

Sajeesh s

@Sajeesh_Sukumaran: Nice to hear that… so, if we have updated DS-160 along with the new passport then it will be updated directly at the VFS center, so that we don’t have to worry about updating new DS-160 in the new US Visa portal?

Luckily got hold on the customer care and they mentioned that we don’t have to be panic for anything :slight_smile: Please carry all the passports + Old/New DS-160 form and they will update the same at the center directly with no issue/

Also, quick suggestion for those who faced issue while connecting to the customer service >> Try calling them around/after 11:30 PM EST and waiting time is longer for now as it took me around 45 minutes to connect with them, so don’t hung up if call last long.

cc: @Kartik_Panchal, @Nick_S


@Sajeesh_Sukumaran Do we have to carry any photo from US during dropbox appointment?

please take a photo from india taken from any studio as per visa specifications ( do not take photo from usa)

Hi Sajeesh. I am in a similar boat. I scheduled my dropbox appointment for Dec 2023 (but might have to reschedule it to March 2024). My Passport is expiring in Aug 2024 and so I applied for a new passport. When I receive the new passport with new passport#, do I need to fill out a new DS 160 (OR can I make ammends to the original one)??? Similarly, I see my DS 160 number and Original Passport number on my Visa Appointment confirmation page. I don’t see any place wherein I can update these info. On the original CGI portal we could, but in the new website, there is no place to make changes. Did you have to submit the 200$ fee again ? Or what did you do ?

Thanks in Advance

Yes please fill new ds 160 and take it with you. Thats it .


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Hi Nick, I too would be having a new passport number. I already scheduled the appointment with my old passport number. I am planning to just print out the new DS 160 with updated Passport number. And then take both old and new DS 160. My Visa Appointment confirmation page would still have the old passport number and the old DS 160 number. Are you planning to do the same ?? Also, when is your appointment ? Just asking if you are doing it anytime soon?

I am in the same position, any one have any experience doing it ?

Hi Sajeesh,

Thanks for the info, this is very helpful and I am a bit relaxed now tbh. Thank you.


Does anyone recently went to New Delhi for dropbox? Please share your experiences and the overall processing time?

@Sajeesh_Sukumaran What was the location of your dropbox?

Chennai vac. I got my visa issued for my family.

Hi Sajeesh,

How much time did it take at Chennai VAC to return passport?