Passport processing timeline at the VFS and Indian consulate in NYC

Hi all, I see lot of successful applications at SFO, but none from NYC.
Please post timeline of processing the Indian passport renewal with VFS and Indian consulate in NYC. Thanks

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I submitted my application on Nov 30th, status changed to received on Dec 4th, then to “Processed” and “In Transit” to Embassy on Dec 8th. I received police verificaiton Initiation email on Dec 15th and as of today the status reads “Passport has been printed”.

Hi @Kaushik_Kas , Did you see change of statuses in TRACK YOUR APPLICATION - ONLINE TRACKING ?

If yes, may I know for how many days did you see “Invalid Inputs” status after sending your documents to VFS NYC?


Congratulations ! Thanks for posting your application timeline.

You will see Invalid inputs until VFS opens your package and enters into their system. Once the application is sent to embassy, you should track it from the Passport seva kendra website.

Do you have status updates by approximate dates ?

My Tatkal application timeline (NYC) was as follows:

Nov 30th: Mailed documents via FedEx, reached VFS on Dec 1.
Dec 9th: Mail from VFS - “We have ‘Received’ your Application and your Application is now ‘Under Process’ at ICAC in Consulate General of India, NY.”
Dec 10th: Mail from VFS - “Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the ICAC and ‘In Transit’ to the Embassy for decision making.”
Dec12th: Initiation of Police Verification
Dec 13th: Police came to verify at India (parents’) address
Dec 14th: Mail from VFS - “Your Application has been reviewed by the Consulate/Embassy name and is {ready for collection at the ICAC or will be dispatched within 24 business hours }.”
Dec 15th: Mail from VFS - “We have ‘Received’ your Application. Your document is dispatched via courier.”
Dec 17th: Still waiting for FedEx to pickup from VFS. Called VFS customer care, and they said it will be dispatched in 24 hours.

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Thank you @Kaushik_Kas

Thank you @Pradeep_Krishnan.

If Tatkaal application took around 3 weeks, normal application might take 4-6 weeks. NYC VFS office.

Hi @Pradeep_Krishnan at what number did you called? I am having the same status since last friday (Dec 11th) and till date I am unable to track the courier. On Fedex it says shipment is not yet started. It’s so frustrating not being able to get a clue.

Congratulations. One of the few fortunate people

Even 4 to 6 weeks seems to be lower estimate.

Exactly which number should we track on PSK website? I’m putting the government reference number and it shows “The status of the entered File Number is not available in the system” this message.

I guess you need to login the Passport seva portal and there you will be able to see the option to check the status next to your submitted application

Yes, thanks. I got the update on that site. The exact website is for tracking.

@Kaushik_Kas - Did you receive any more updates on your passport? I am in the same boat as you but my status has remained that way (passport printed) for the last 4 days or so.

It currently says Passport has been handed over to the respective Embassy for further dispatch to applicant.

Thanks @Kaushik_Kas Did you get the police verification email and did you/someone in India have to do something about it?

Yes, I did get a police verification email. We didn’t have to do anything as someone from the police station visited our place the same day I got the email.

What documents do they ask for?