Payment evidence for ACS - Bank statement does not show employer name

Hi Anil,

I managed to get Form 16 and ICICI bank statement from my previous experience.
However, the bank statement just shows only “Salary” against the salary payment.
I don’t have EPF statement as it was settled before moved out of India and my employer says they don’t have old payslips.

In this case, what should I do? is it common to get a letter from ICICI saying the account was a salary account with ICICI? Will ACS accept it?


Read this:

My Salary Amount Matches with the Payslip amount in the bank statement but company names is not mentioned it is only showing as “Salary with reference number”.

Would it be ok if i provide all the salary slips along with the bank statement which matches amount for all the months?My Bank’s policy is that they cannot show company name in the transaction.

Hello sir,

As per new guidelines We have to display 2 evidence for Acs employment proof

I have required salary slips for the employment duration but for second evidence My bank statement does not have Employer name in it.I have employer’s salary certificate but i was under tax slab so i haven’t filed the ITR.can I just submit salary certificate only? My UAN passbook also does’n t show employer name.can I submit that?

In this case, would an official letter from the bank stating that the account belongs to the company work ?