Permanent Resident Filed Spouse I-130 in California - Approval Time

I am permanent resident and I applied for my wife in March 2018 and got receipt in the same month. It has been more than year can you please tell me when will she get approval? Our center is California center. She is from Pakistan

California service center is taking about 2 years to approve I-130 applications filed by Green card holders for their spouse.

You can expect your wife’s case approval by Dec 2019 end.

and how much time will it take more to get here after case approval?

That will depend on your wife’s country of birth Green card priority date queue.

USCIS updates the family Immigration dates every month.

Her country of birth is Pakistan. Any idea now?

You can check current date in USCIS bulletin here:

so from now should I keep an eye on case processing time or visa bulletin?

First step is to get I-130 approval.

@hussainzaidi my husband has applied in March 2018. I had asked Anil the same thing im glad answered yours properly. He told me he can’t estimate for each case

Hi @Amna

All forum members are same for me. I do not have any grudges with anyone.

Its just that when i start giving my estimates, i start getting too many comments asking the same question.

I don’t really have time to estimate each individual case.

Thanks for your understanding.

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I understand. I apologize if you felt that way. Its just that we’re all looking for some hope as its hard for us to be so distant from our loved ones and our lives are at hold.

Hi @Amna
I understand each and every person’s concern who visits our site in the hope of getting information of case approvals.

I try to answer each and every question that can help you. But, estimates take too much time and it is not possible to do it without getting paid for it.

I hope you understand.

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Yes I’m sure. Thank you

Hi @Amna is your processing center is also California?

Yes it is. Its the slowest

Hi I am still on i130 it was filled on 31oct 2017 at California can anyone tell me please how much I have to wait

Hi @Amina

I will start giving out my I130 estimations later this month.

I am preparing data to get myself ready and help everyone here with estimated dates to expect their approvals.

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Would highly appreciate it brother.

Also, my husband will apply for citizenship this October. Will it benefit my case? My priority date is 13th March 2018 service center is California.

Thank you so much Anil I will honestly appreciate it thanks a lot