Photo not clear in the newly issued Passport

Hey Everyone,
I just recently received my renewed passport from NYC consulate and noticed that the photo printed on the passport is not clear at all. Eyes are completely back and the quality is very poor. Anyone else noticed this?


i noticed that too from NYC. anyone here ever experienced this with their old passport before? I have had some countries closely inspect my previous passport at point of entry before, particularly for this reason.

Guessing you both applied to NYC consulate. Possibly erratic scan problems. Interesting to know. Let us know what the consulate says in case you already contacted them.

I have submitted a pramit request, let’s see.

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@anil_am22 Hey Anil, have you heard of any such cases from your experience?

@Kaushik_Kas yes I noticed this too and I applied to NYC consulate. Eyes are not clearly visible and photo darkened

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Damn! I thought it was an isolated incident, but looks like they just have a crappy printer. This is really embarassing , given that a Passport is considered a very important travel document and how will anyone identify you without a proper photo?

Have you taken any steps to get it corrected?

@Kaushik_Kas getting re issue via vfs was a stressful and time consuming , pls update what reply you get through pramit

Are you saying that you already got it reissued with a new photo?

guys, please take this issue seriously and post if you had similar issues. As being silent about it could risk failure to prove identity and that means a risk of getting deported or denied visa. Unfortunately it is our own country who is playing such nefarious games with our careers and wellbeing. After passing through such a stressful and traumatic procedure of passport renewal, all we get is this type of ID documents. Very unfair.

It’s definitely a serious issue. Did you receive your Passport?

No. My application is under process. So fingers crossed. I am worried for my photo as well.

okay, let’s hope it goes well. I am still waiting on a reply from them.

Hello, I got my passport back from NY. Where ever there was a small shadow its very dark. Lucky for me I guess that my face is fully visible. It is similar in quality compared to my previous passport. Eyes are OK.
Did you get information from NY consulate on what you have to do next?

The PRAMIT ticket I submitted was replied with “This passport is acceptable when you travel ,so this is not an issue”
So I am not sure what to do next.

I guess it would help to get a few opinions to make sure that the passport does not need reprint. The threshold of acceptability could be different person to person and country to country, if you picture is not clearly visible. Besides, passport is a primary ID, which is required for several purposes other than travel and visa. Contacting the Consular general and Indian Embassy directly and seeking their opinion is an option. If you can not reach them, then contact Madad portal : Madad | Madad MEA | Consular Madad | Madad CPV | Consular Grievances
Those are some of my suggestions. Hope this gets resolved soon.

Looking at older CKGS FAQ page its say that if the picture isnt acceptable its upto the discretion of the Embassy to re-issue. I dont know what other avenues you can use.

As per the passport act, 1967, it is Indian citizen’s right to have a valid passport document. In case of deficiency in passport/suboptimal quality that creates difficulty in serving its purpose, the embassy has an obligation to reprint the passport. So even if the embassy uses its discretion otherwise, the law can be enforced upon them.

To summarize, the embassy is responsible to follow the law and is not favoring you by reprinting passports with poor quality of photo.

Hi Kaushik,

Did you follow up further regarding your passport photo? I received my renewed passport today and noticed the photo quality is too poor. My consulate is the one in Atlanta and not sure what to do next.

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Hey Rucha,
Unfortunately the only way to get it rectified is to go through the application process again and only select change in appearance as the reason. I have not done it yet as I am waiting to see if I do face any problems while traveling with this photo. The only downside I can think of is you probably cannot use the Passport as a photo ID document.

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