PR denied even after Engineer Australia positive assessment

Hi Anil,

I received an email saying my skill select EOI has been removed. When I checked my Immiaccount, the status says “Finalised”. But I haven’t received any email regarding the grant/ rejection and I checked SPAM folder as well. There is no other information in the Immiaccount too. Do you know whether it takes longer for them to communicate their final decision? Should I contact them?

Did you check the communications tab to see if anything there?

Just got the email some time back, its a rejection :frowning:

Its a rejection Anil :frowning: Although I went through an agency, and although Engineers Australia had assessed my experience, I got a rejection because they are saying my experience is not relevant

Hi @AKrishna

Sorry to hear about your rejection.

Going through an agency does not guarantee Australia PR approval.

Agencies just take money and do the paperwork for you. They do not add any value to your profile.

You can check the reason for denial carefully and then try again after you have fixed it.

They have denied saying my experience is not relevant, while Engineers Australia had given a positive outcome. I am so disappointed. Do you know if we can appeal?

Hi @AKrishna

I am not aware of any appeal process.

Sorry to hear…What category of PR was it?

is they mentioned anything,
why they reject it?

Sorry to hear this.
Usually before any decisions, CO would have asked for some documents if they have some queries.
Did they come back to you?
What are the documents you have provided to support your employment?

During the lodging of application, I had provided provided my employment reference letter but without the company letter head and pay info. So when the CO contacted, i thought they were just asking me to provide in their standard format. Now, what i understood is, they are not satisfied that my job responsibilities are related to that of an Electronics engineer. I didnt think this at that time since my experience had been validated by EA. I was thinking the reference letter is being asked so that they can call my HR and confirm that I am still working there. Not sure if I still stand a chance with a new application. It’s so disappointing and shocking.

189, electronics engineer

I gave them employment ref letter, payslips, salary certificate, company provided Visa copy

What is your work Visa occupation code @AKrishna

Is the rejection because you couldnt provide your job responsibilities in company letter head certified by HR?

No, it is because my job responsibilities was not related to the occupation that I was applying for.

I did submit the reference letter with company letter head when CO asked me to.

Is your job responsibility totally irrelevant to your nominated occupation…? Can you share some of your job responsibilities mentioned in your reference letter…

Would it be possible for you to share your timeline…

I have an electronics engineering degree and started out my career in rail signaling, I have 2 years experience in that. CO is satisfied only with this experience.

Next job is as Operations Planner for 4 years and then Planning and Performance Manager for 4 years.

The last two jobs are not related to electronics directly but it was a step-up in the rail industry as I had signaling background. Do you all know if I can reapply with a JD that satisfies the requirement?