PTE Registration ID or Score Report Card Number

I have taken PTE Academic test for English Language. While filling the application I am a little confused as to which value to use to fill the Test reference number in EOI application - PTE Registration ID or Score Report Card Number

Thanks Anil.
I used the small help button and it mentions Registration ID and i used the same to submit EOI. But what confused me was PTE recently updated their results with one more field i.e the Score Report Card Number and they have mentioned on their site that orgs can use that number for verification going forward. So kind of in a dilemma.

You should be fine if you opted to send the PTE results directly to Australia Immigration department. They will verify the score themselves.

Don’t worry.

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@Anil.Gupta I missed to choose this send to DHA option while booking the test. How can I send it to them?

Go to PTE website again and do it. They should show an option.