Regular L/H Visa appointments at US Consulate(s) in India

Hi All / @anil_am22 ,
Has Anyone been able to schedule regular H/L visa appointment at US consulates in India ? If so, could you share experience and outcome please ? I have come to know that limited regular appointments are being made available and curious to know whether they are stamping VISA or handing 221(g) as travel ban is still in effect.

They should issue visa if you can get an appointment but it seems US embassy is issuing form 221g and asking people to wait until travel ban is lifted.

@anil_am22 , It seems NIE is the key. Does applicant need to mandatorily provide justification letter during Visa interview process (for New Visa application) or can explain the same during the interview process, any idea about the same ?

Doesn’t seem that my organization is quite keen on providing justification letter, therefore was wondering whether its a no go from start itself , i.e. shouldn’t go for VISA interview without NIE letter if want to avoid 221g issuance or I can try to explain to VISA officer and should prepare justification from my end.


NIE letter is required on paper and not verbal.