Renew Indian Passport Questions 2021-2023

i applied in Tatkal process and its now more than a month but status says " Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy"
Do anyone know what is the processing time line for Passport renewal in USA - Tatkal process.

In my final printout for the passport form, some of the fields are missing on the first page. such as the issue date, file number etc, although they do appear below in the attached detailed form. I have filled the whole form correctly still the fields dont appear on Page 1. Is this ok or would the consulate not accept it?
What is to be done in this case?

My marriage was registered in US. Is that accepted by the Indian Embassy (along with spouse’s Passport) for Passport Renewal? Do I need to get any further processing done for Passport Renewal? Also, are there any concerns on using it long term and should i do anything there?

Also, can parent name be updated by providing our Parent’s passport as proof? My current passport is missing by parent’s surnames in the last page. Their passport was updated to include them and I would like to get those updated in mine as well.

Please advise on the 2 questions above?

@milind Today sent email to VFS as well as Before i got reply from both also called them and they gave an update saying passport is ready for printing. He also told me that i can check the status in the embassy gov site ( then select USA and you will see track status.) instead of checking just the VFS track application which i was doing.

Later even VFS team and embassy also replied the same to my email.

@sankar83 thanks for email info.

thanks to this super useful guide at Renew Indian Passport in USA (VFS Process, Documents & Affidavits) - USA by Anil…i stuck to every instruction and received the new passport in 5 working days at the Indian Consulate, New York (tatkal)…have to figure out the i-94 extension process next.

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I never received a response from the embassy, but I do see that the status has changed to ‘printed and will be delivered shortly’. Awaiting the delivery now.
That took really long btw, more than 7 weeks since mailing the documents. (SFO consulate)

I am planning to renew passport at NY embassy. How much time it is taking now for normal processing?

Can someone respond me who renewed at NY.

Just getting started for the passport renewal in USA and as anticipated ran into a stumbling block already.

I know that vfs is the new 3rd party service provider since Nov’20 and on vfs the site for registration with Indian embassy is mentioned as
Whereas there is this other site for NRI applicants as below

My question is what is this below site? and what is the difference? Should people applying for renewal in USA rather use this NRI site?

It is also referenced in one of the threads in this forum.

Can someone please clarify?

The link you shared was applicable for old provider. The process has changed with VFS and is now documented here :

Thanks for confirming.
Any idea why has the embassy/Govt of India kept this other page around ?
Is it ineptitude or just plain laziness?

Is everyone giving color photo copies or black and white?

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I also have another doubt after reading the steps. Very helpful and thanks to everyone got sharing their experiences (which cleared up a few questions in my mind already)

  1. What is the self sworn affidavit for ? I didn’t see it on the vfs checklist may be I missed it!
  2. Is birth certificate mandatory if there is no date of birth change ?
  3. I see a section in the checklist called Additional documents as applicable
    Under that birth certificate and self attested Indian address copy are mentioned.

This self attested Indian address copy is for what ? Is it for those who cannot provide any address proof for Indian address ? Also what should be written there ?
Indian address proof is mentioned separately under the same section.
Are these two mutually exclusive or both are required to be submitted ?

Hi All,

I still have a few questions after having reading through the vfs website and questions and replies here… I am looking for advice those who were in similar situation and done this process already can advise.

  1. Is there going to be any problem if I don’t send proof of India address?
    I am not printing India address on passport. My India address (as Other address) is my parent’s current address as my current passport’s India address is no longer valid. And I don’t have any proof of the India address as such.
    @Jyotirmayi_Malapaka as I understand you have the same situation. Please advise what you ended up doing and if any problems faced in your case.

  2. I am also adding spouse’s name this time. The document checklist doesn’t mention whether we need to send anything as supporting document for it.
    I am thinking enclosing my spouse’s passport front and back (where my name is already showing as spouse) should be adequate. Has anyone who had to add spouse name got it done in the above way?

I understand checklist mentions Marriage certificate is to be provided for US address proof if address is in spouse’s name. However I don’t have that problem as I have US address proof (utility bill) in my name and so I am not planning to enclose marriage certificate.

  1. Is notarization of Annexure E & self sworn affidavit required ?
    Document checklist doesn’t specify notarization for these two. Also, is the self-sworn affidavit a WORD document (thereby making it possible to edit slightly keeping the essence same) or does it need to be exactly as the format provided by vfs?

@abhi091091 and @nareshishere I see you had same question. What did you end up doing?

  1. “1 Checklist (original) to be printed and enclosed with your application”
    Are we supposed to fill out the top part (Applicant Name, email, passport number and phone) and check off the applicable checkboxes on the documents or leave them blank it for vfs agent to do?

Many thanks!

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Hi @rb77

You can generate all affidavits using the apps provided by AM22Tech. This will make sure you don’t make any mistakes whatsoever.

We suggest to notarize all affidavits as VFS guidelines are vague.
Fill the checklist completely and do not rely on VFS.

Thanks Anil.
Regarding notarized copies it seems banks are no longer willing to notarize these documents.
Is that what others have experienced as well ?or did the banker just make up something to avoid doing it ?

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I mailed my passport application on Jan 18th, 2021 and it’s still at the embassy/consulate. I had to do an address change and add spouse name is that why it’s taking so long. What is an average timeframe for issuance?

I am in a different Situation and need inputs .
We are in USA on L1 visa and visa got expired on march 2020 but since we had i-94 valid till June 2021 we are still in USA and my employer yet to fill Extension.
Given that situation, my kid passport is going to expire in July 2021 and we are trying to apply for new passport. In VFS portal none of the option of “DOCUMENT FOR VALID STATUS IN THE USA” is matching my requirement. (link:
Does any one has gone through this and have suggestion how I can proceed. I would be filling the application in Houston TX Consulate.

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CKGS is no more the provider but follow the link below and look at Q 22 . You might have to reach out for approval from embassy/consulate with i94. You can apply post approval. Hope this helps.

Is this a normal thing for L1 that i94 and visa end date are so far apart ?
Usually the i94 is in line with visa end date I thought.
You are in USA on what status since april 2020?

How can I edit my passport application? I added both address and other address as the same address of India, and in the checklist it says I make sure I add USA address as well. Also, I made the mistake swapping first and last name order in the father’s name section.