Role Vs Designation for ACS assessment- multiple job profiles

Hi Anil,

Thank you for everything that you are doing. I have BE in Computer science. I have a total of 13.6 years of experience in Tech. I am planning to apply under ICT Business Analyst.
My draft experience letter from my first employer looks like below.

  1. Is it advisable to get the responsibility listed for just the BA role?
  2. A month before leaving, my designation changed to Sr. Associate consultant. The same is listed as designation, but it is listed as Technology Analyst (Role) while furnishing the work location information. Does the discrepancy between role and designation matter?
  3. How many years would be deducted to meet suitability criteria
  4. Would the deduction include my first 3 years of experience as software engineer?

employed from 15/07/2006 to 29/07/2013 . The designation at the time of resignation was Senior Associate Consultant. She was employed as a full-time employee(40hr/week) in the following locations

Software Engineer 15/07/2006 until 02/02/2009 India

Software Engineer 03/02/2009 until 29/07/2009 USA

Technology Analyst 30/07/2009 until 29/03/2011 India

Technology Analyst 30/03/2011 until 29/07/2013 USA

Hi @sha

Only the work experience that matches your selected ANZSCO code will be counted as relevant. Rest all will be completely ignored.

The designation name does not matter. ACS checks the detailed job duties to see if they match with job code.

The ACS number of years deduction has been explained here.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks for the response.

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