Should I Create second EOI as first one will expire without Invite?

Hi Anil,
I submitted by EOI for an ANZSCO code: 261311 on 16th Feb 2019 and have got additional 5 points for my work experience on 30th jun 2019. So date of effect of my EOI is 30/07/2019.

Prediction suggests my EOI expires before invite.So, Shall i create new EOI with same ACS for safer side?

Since ACS would expire in 2 years, is it okay to update the secondly created EOI with new ACS details since for both ACS and new ACS which i would apply in future(if required) are for same ANZSCO code and also both ACS contribute same points, believe EOI’s Date of effect won’t change when i update with new ACS details.

Please guide me and let me know if it won’t work!


You have not mentioned your points and who has predicted that EOI will expire? Are you talking to an astrologer :slight_smile:

Anyways, it is your choice to create a new EOI if you want.
The EOI date of effect changes if the total points change. Updating ACS assessment should not change the DOE.

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I intentionally didn’t mention the organisation name, since I have seen in different thread that you mentioned your prediction of invite is different against others :slight_smile:

My current score is 85, due to nov point system change single applicants been pushed forward in the queue and it’s make sense for delay in my invite.

Also, currently the invite numbers are 100, 500 and rarely 1500. With this rate , expecting invite for 189(261311) with 85 points might take almost an year.

Correct me if am wrong!


According to the latest invitation round on 11/11, job with your code was invited at 85 at the date of effect was 28/10/2019. You mentioned you’ve had 85 and date of effect was on 30/7/2019 which was even earlier than the one just got invited. How come you haven’t got the invitation…
Ps the result of 11/11 round was before the changes in points in Nov so you shouldn’t be affected by that if your date of effect is 30/7/2019. Even in the round 10/11, people with 80 got invited. It’s so weird that you haven’t been invited with that point…

Mish,I mentioned my current score I.e after nov point system change, I gained additional 5 points for my spouse positive ACS skill assessment. Before nov 16th my score was 80.

Does it answer your question?

Now I can see that you mentioned it you got 85 after the change. It wasn’t just clear in your post. Anw, all the best. I think with 85, your chance of being invited is still high within next 3 months.

I do not think that 85 points will take an year for 189 invite. You should be able to get it within 2-3 months if the number of invites are increased in Dec draw.

Did you created a new EOI?

Yes I did, since Dec invite number is too low.

Makes sense… thanks for the info.

BTW are you from Chennai?

yea Shanbe, how about you?

yeah me too, just looking at your name thought you might be from here.

Hello Yuvrani,

I am in similar scenario, but my DOE is Jan2020…

have you got the invite for 261311??? can you share the latest details