Split name in the passport

Hello all,

I’ve a question regarding applying for split name. When we fill the application on government website, what or which options to choose for splitting name? And how to choose the split name option in VFS global portal? If anyone has the experience with the same, then please do share.



I think you can simply split the name into first middle and last and it should work if the spelling is not changing.

Otherwise, you will need to choose ‘change in name’ service.

Thanks Anil for the reply. When we provide the name in the application it needs to be as it is in current passport. My confusion is where in the application do I specify the new name even if it be simply splitting the first and last names? Earlier when CKGS was the vendor they had option to provide what the new name should be. I don’t see that in VFS Global or in the application form on Indian govt site.

@jafarbasha are you splitting your name in your passport? Have you already submitted?

@Nairuthya_Vijayendra. I’m applying for my wife. Need to split her name into first and last. Haven’t submitted the application yet as there is some confusion in the application process. Are you also looking for splitting name and if so have you submitted?

Hi. I’m also looking up split my name in Indian passport. Did you figure out a way to do that? Please help

Hi, what documents are required to support the split name? Also, do we need to fill in the affidavit for change in name?


I am also looking to split my name in Indian Passport. Can anyone please share an example of filled affidavit as the language of the affidavit is so confusing? Also, please let me know the documents to support the name split request? Please help.

I was able to successfully split my name in the Passport. Just make sure you enter your full name everywhere in the affidavit, don’t worry about old vs new, since there is no change to your name, you just want to split it.

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Hi @Kaushik_Kas could you please advise on the following:

  1. should I select anything in ‘Reissue reason’ (ex check Given Name or Surname) if I am splitting my name
  2. My surname is blank in the current passport. which part of the application should I split my name? Is it on Applicant Details page?
    Thanks in advance.
  1. Yes, make sure you select Change in Name and enter the Given Name and Surname that you want to be displayed on your New Passport.
  2. When you fill up the application, fill it up the way you want in your new Passport, and don’t worry about how the information was in your old/existing Passport.

Hi I want to spilt my Son’s name in indian passport. Is this possible without court order or newspaper ad in usa. Seems court approval is mandatory for publication in newspaper.

Can you please share how you did this?

Hi, you don’t need any court order or ad for a split in name, it’s only required for change or addition to a name.

Hi Kaushik_kas thank you so much…

I need some more info… I really appreciate your help…
So in applicant details(govt website) we should fill our new/ desired name right?
Did they do PV back in India?
How long it took for you to receive the PP after submission?

Hi Kaushik, I think we should only enter the Surname in the affidavit for name change for all 4 points in the https://visa.vfsglobal.com/one-pager/india/united-states-of-america/passport-services/pdf/name-change-affidavit.pdf . And we need two witnesses to sign this affidavit in front of the Notary. This is all we need and no court order or newspaper ads
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hello, Anyone facing issues with Name Split in their Passport Renewal? What supporting documents did they ask for name split apart from Notarized Affidavit?

Hello Jafar,

Did you split the name in the Passport? Did they issue the passport?

For me, they are asking supporting 2 government documents which clearly has the name as:
Surname: B
Given Name : A
I do not know how to get government documents in that format? No documents are issued in that format be in DL, Voter ID, Aadhar, PAN etc.
Please advise.

Hi Hari, Were you able to split your name? Also, do we need to enter the full name or just the surname in all the 4 points?

Hello everyone,
Can the parent be the witness for their Son(18 yrs) in the name change affidavit ? Thanks.

Hey Hari, I entered my entire name in the affidavit and did not see any issues with the new passport. As to the witnesses, there is no need for that. Just get the affidavit notarized, that should be enough.