Split name in the passport

If VFS is enforcing this requirement (which I doubt), then you will have to first get two of the Indian proofs rectified.

This was their response last year when we tried the process to split the name.

I specifically asked them what acceptable documents can be produced as proof and the above image was their response. Even VFS is now aware that there aren’t any Indian documents in Given Name: ABC Surname: XYZ format.

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is this for you or for you spouse ( H4 ) ?
when you think you will able to file GC -EAD or H4-EAD ?

Hi Parry,

This is for my wife who is on H1 visa.

Btw I got an update post my tweet.

VFS contacted me after a discussion with the Washington DC consulate and have confirmed that they would now do the split name with the Indian Documents like Aadhaar, Pan Card, School certificate etc, where her name would be written together and not as First name and Last name.

However this was only confirmed for the Washington DC consulate.


Hi Abhishek,

As mentioned Providing two public documents would help us in splitting the name but in my case all my indian documents like aadhar,pan,school certificate,degree everything is given in the following" NAME - ( “Familyname” “MyName”)
Please advise what documents do I have to attach in this case.
I am facing lot of trouble any advice would help me here.



For this Case, can you please let me know if someone has Indian documents in the format as last name and given name will that be considered as proof ??

For oldName : Dilip Kumar as Given Name with Surname blank and new Name is GivenName : Dilip and Surname: Kumar …
What should be the old and new name in the name change affidavit… Is the Attached picture correct ?

Hi @KavitaK, were you able to resolve this issue? I’m going through something similar (they asked me for name change affidavit but I don’t want to change my name).