Time required passport renewal in San Francisco office under tatkal

Anyone who have applied for passport renewal under Tatkal ? Please share how much time it is going to get the passport.

  • I had missed one document (apparently it was not present in in tatkal checklist, so i have sent them after I was informed when i got an email from vfs.

  • My previous passport got expired a day before I applied.

I am in similar boat.
I have applied tatkal on 11/9 and recvd a request for additional docs on 11/10.
Submitted additional docs on 11/11 & recvd another email for additional docs on 11/12.

After multiple emails, queries , got an email that issue is resolved on 11/15.

Awaiting for update from VFS on application status.
I am seeing status at VFS site as You application is under process at the VFS Centre

Fingers crossed.

i am assuming the one missing document is Self sworn affidavit?

I realized that it is there for regular renewals check list but not in Tatkal.
I have submitted documents as per their email 3 times [including original]

No much a good way to track the application status other than sending a query or check on their website…

It doesnt cleary have any info if they have recvd all req docs to submit to counsulate

Indeed, you are right. I am in the same boat.

Goodness, you submitted this same document 3 times through mail ? Why 3 times.

I have also sent them an email requesting to make correction in the tatkal-checklist document so that others doesn’t suffer the way we are.

I am seeing too the status as You application is under process at the VFS Centre

yeah, we have an urgent travel so applied for tatkal.
Though i have sent request to look package in details, in fear of loosing time i have sent another 2 sets of docs based on emails recvd from VSF.

Finally some one sent me a note saying issue is resolved
but today on same email thread, some one else sent email saying “We would request you to prepare the documents as per the checklist.” - No specifics in email

Not sure how they operate but communication is not consistent. Replied them to point out if any doc is not as per the checklist or guidelines [i am sure double checked each doc before i sent]

fingers crossed.

Hope you get before your travel date. I will share more if I get any email, so far i have got an email for only 1 doc missing and i have submitted the required document through mail.


  • Nov 9th - Sent through Fedex
  • Nov 11th - Request from VFS Global 1. Self-sworn affidavit for Indian address is missing. (This is to confirm that I have been/have not been residing outside India continuously for more than five years)
  • Nov 12th - Submitted the document
  • Nov 13th - They received (Tracking by FedEx)

Other than this I have sent 1-2 emails requesting them to update the documents checklist for tatkal.

Thank you, i will also keep posted with any updates here.

Today i got another email asking for Selfsworn affidavit [For tatkal they updated checklist & it has a PDF link], so i am assuming that could be another issue that it has to be in that format.

It had a note as below:
Note: Please provide full Indian address details with Zip code- police station etc. for verification.
If the address is incomplete the process will be delayed.

Anyways i am going to submit them today.

Does your indian adress had any police verification received?

It appears they acted on my suggestion and updated the tatkal checklist.

No, apparently i didn’t received any email after they had asked for the document.

When you sent them the document, did you got any confirmation from them.

The tracking is still displaying “You application is under process at the VFS Centre”.
They need to change the text from you to yours :slight_smile:

Doesn’t know what is happening. VFS has made tatkal more like regular application now :slight_smile:


i just recvd email saying the application is fwd to embassy

i see the status now as " Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy

Great, now i think it should not take more than 3-4 days.

I think you can now track the application at consulate web site https://portal4.passportindia.gov.in/

I have not received any message since the last mail regarding self-sworn affidavit, do you have any suggestion ?

  • just check the latest tatkal check list, if u believe u sent all docs as per that then wait for a day or 2
  • meanwhile just enquire as usual

Sure, thanks.

Is this the right email ? info.ihcusa@vfshelpline.com to enquire ?

Go with Form on their contact oage

Status on consulate web site says
“Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.”

I think now it should not take more than 3-4 days.

Print has been initiated for passport.

It seems to me that any update that is coming from VFS Global donotreply@vfsglobal.com is most accurate & latest.

If any email coming from info.ihcusa@vfshelpline.com are way behind not accurate

After i recv email saying applcn is sent for counsulate from VFS Global donotreply@vfsglobal.com , i got two emails from info.ihcusa@vfshelpline.com asking for additional docs

My status too got updated now " Your application has been forwarded to the Embassy"
I too got notification from donotreply@vfsglobal.com - “Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the ICAC and ‘In Transit’ to the Embassy for decision making.”

Things are moving so hopeful of getting it within few more days.