Unable to login to passport seva website

The website converts your password to some lengthy one (its expected), as its encrypting your password. As the site is developed poorly that encrypted password is still getting displayed on screen.

At present passport website-system has issue, even though you are resetting the password, its not registering your new password properly to authenticate when you are trying to login next time.

So, try to reset the password with hint question (not by using Email link ), it should reset & register your new password in the system instantly. So, next time when you login it should work for now. Atleast this method worked for me yesterday.

This site is designed & tested so poorly by TCS, its not done professionally. I do see some security loop holes aswell.

Krishna Theja thanks for the explaination.I tried to log in and it worked.I was able to complete and print the gov form.My next step is to create my profile at the vfs global, its asking me if my status is valid in usa - yes,no or pending at the uscis. I am wondering what to answer, I am a green card holder but is under renewal.Should I answer as yes or pending ? I am confused.

Thanks for the update! This was really helpful.

Resetting the password with “Use my Hint Question” method worked for me well. I am able to login with the new password.

As you have a present valid GC as of today, you should answer valid status as “yes” .

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Krishna theja my green card is currently not valid ( it’s expired) … I applied for its renewal while it was still valid but still didn’t get it due to covid delay. I completed all the required steps for my gc renewal and still waiting for my case decision. Also I haven’t asked the uscis for a temporary green card stamping on my Indian passport yet as I need to renew my passport first. So I am toying with the thought of should I select pending approval by uscis.

ok, if you dont have valid GC today (as its expired), I think you should go with pending approval. But to be safer side, provide previous GC copy and the receipt notice which you got as part of your GC renewal, in the supporting document.
Also, I recommend to drop a mail to info.ihcusa@vfshelpline.com (or) use this link to contact VFS folks to confirm exactly with your case https://visa.vfsglobal.com/usa/en/ind/contact-us (or) https://vfs.mioot.com/forms/In/USA/PS/
In general, they will respond to your question in 24 hours.

They do have phone line support aswell, but its too expensive. First time I have seen a customer service that charges for phone call.


Yes I was hesitant to use their helpline due to their charges.Thank you Theja garu for helping me to the best of your ability.I will surely try reaching them out. Both my gc and my receipt notice (I -797) expired.

Still doesnt work for me

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Their response was quick.I actually got two different responses from them.

They wrote to me as
1.if your visa is expired and you have applied for an extension and the approval is pending with the USCIS, you may select your valid legal status as pending.Please be informed that if you currently hold a valid visa you may select the option as “yes”.

2.legal status is mandatory while applying for a passport renewal, a temporary proof will be required for a pending status, please share any document you may have for the same so we may be able to guide you more accurately.

So I will send the proof to them via email before submitting my status online.

I have been having this access issue since 4/5 days .I received twitter response from New York Consulate… this is what they said
“There is a technical glitch. The concerned authority is working on it”.


I had been having same “Authentication Failed” issue for many days. I contacted the VFS tech support list and they suggested I try:
portal4.passportindia.gov.in/Online/index.html OR
This finally worked for me and I was able to log in. Note how these links are different from the default embassy link which takes you to “portal3”


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Thank you so much! That worked!

Krishna Theja, They sent me another email suggesting that I must submit notarized copy of the receipt notice, I-90 along with my expired green card as the legal status documents of my pending status and post verification they will let me know if any additional documents are required.
Who can notarize documents?I mean would someone from a local USA post office do? Whats the best method of shipping ? Choosing vfs or my own shipping label? I heard the vfs shipping label expires.Asking as I need to get my physical documents ready.

as per my understanding VFS shipping labels will not expire, as they are fedex labels. I belive you havent sent your physical application yet. So, while submitting your physical application, in that document only submit your notarized copy of receipt notice, I-90 and expired green card copy. There are many people around you, who can notarize documents, just search in google/yelp around your area to findout. I prefer VFS shipping labels to submit these applications, though its costly, just to make sure they have all info to process in their system.

Enter captcha image is broken for Registration, Login and Status check pages.

Unable to track status - CAPTCHA not appearing since noon PST almost

Same here… The captcha is now broken.

Ugh… This is so terrible… It has been almost a week since this debacle started!

Thank you so much.I downloaded my vfs shipping label this morning.Its giving today’s date as ship date. I am yet to get my documents notarized.I think this label expires if i cant post it today. Say I get all my notarized documents ready and I download the shipping label tomorrow then would the ship date change to tomorrow’s date? or Do I have to buy the shipping label again?

Also in what format should the date be written in Annexure E and in affidavit for change in appearance and signature? In Indian date format dd/mm/year or American date format mm/dd/year? Can this be handwritten or only in digital?

shipping labels will not expire, they are generated by fedex system, and they are valid till you ship the physical copy by fedex. So, dont worry on it.
Those dates in Annexure E are filled by hand in my case. I used it like 17-MAY-2022.
For Month I have used letters instead of number, this way its very clear who ever reads in the world.

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They responded as - the validity period is 7 days from the day the courier label is generated. Is it ok to use paper clips as stapling the documents is not allowed? or Do I use nothing?