Unable to retrieve my old visa fee receipt on new Visa appointment portal

I had made a payment on the old ustraveldocs portal for 190$.
After the website changed, I tried to claim my payment receipt, by entering old receipt number, and date. But I was unable to do so, and now, the Claim Receipts button is gone, saying, number of attempts exceeded.
Anyone else facing same issue?
I mailed the ustraveldocs, but no reply yet.

A lot of people have complained about the same issue.

I think their support is overwhelmed as the new website did not work correctly.
They might reply soon and move your old receipt to the new system.

Thanks for replying.
Can you confirm that the old receipt number is same as the NEFT bank account number with first 5 characters removed? Because that’s what I was entering in the search.
When you say, they will move my old receipt, will it automatically show up, in a few days?

I suggest to keep emailing them.

Did you try this (it’s working for many):

Do not click on “claim receipt” button on payment page, does not work.
Instead select payment mode from dropdown and click on submit.
(the payment mode should be same as payment mode you selected on old portal
Next page it will automatically pull old payment receipt, you can navigate to schedule appointment page.
If above doesn’t work, just close and start new application follow the same steps.

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Hi Diwedy,

I am also facing the claim reciepts attempts exceeded issue. I tried the payment option by submitting it was showing remaining balance to pay. but already we paid in full in the previous portal. Is there any solution to this.


You will have to reach out customer support. Provide them with all the details along with steps you took. They should be able to help you out.

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