US visa application. Name confusion in Passport, DS 160 and Payment Portal


I am applying for a US visa for my Father. As per his passport, his Name is :


Surname: Blank

Given Name: XXXXXXXR ( 34 Characters )

In DS 160 :

Surname: LNU ( Can’t leave it blank )

Given Name: XXXXXXX ( Can only enter 33 Char. So unable to enter the last letter ‘R’ of XXXXXXXR)

On website, when paying the fees:

Question: Since passport and DS 160 names won’t match. What can I enter in Surname and Given Name in the ustraveldocs portal ?

From the Payment Portal Website:

Before you enter the receipt number ensure that the passport bio data and DS-160 information matches the ustraveldocs profile for all applicants scheduled during this session. Discrepancies between the profile, passport information, and DS-160 information may require completion of a new profile and purchase of a new MRV fee receipt.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is the first name 34 chars without any spaces?

If it has a space, then you can break it into first name and last and then get it fixed on passport first.

The first Name is with spaces. like XYYZ ABC XXXR

When we called passport office they said it has to be a name change process, which requires posting it on news paper and other paper work involved. We did’nt want to go that route at present since my dad won’t need anything in the US in his name other than visa and medical insurance.

Another member of forum suggested it as not a problem - Indian Passport - No surname and given name more than 33 char

However, I am now not sure what to use in when paying for the fees.

Thank you