USA to Canada, Canada PR to US Green Card

Hi Anil,
I am currently working in USA on H1B and have already completed 3 years. I have recently got canada PR as well. I am not sure if my employer is going to do GC for me or not.
I am wondering if I should be here in US with the same employer and wait till they file GC or go to canada and come back to US with L1 visa and apply for GC as the L1A/B waiting time is lesser compared to H1B.

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How can we help? I am not sure if I understand your question.

Hi Anil, Thanks for replying.
Basically, I want to get US green card. At this moment, I have completed 3 years in US on H1B and I have 3 more years left. Last year, I had applied for Canada PR as well and recently got PR. Now in this situation, I am kind of confused, as to how can I get US green card without wasting longer time.

How will you get US green card faster?

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