USCIS biometric appointment in CoronaVirus Questions & Answers

Has anyone receive biometric appointment notice yet? We applied for H4 extension at the end of March and still no notice for fingerprint appointment. I wonder if USCIS is sending out any appointments at all or it has come to a halt completely. Getting H4-EAD approved on time without that is out of question at this point.

Hi @keto12

People have started receiving biometric appointment notices if the ASC center at their location has reopened.

Check on the article page for more information.

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HI Anil,
Can someone directly visit the ASC office after 3 PM without any invitation letter?
He might have only copy of the receipt. Or invitation letter is a must.

You cannot walk-in during COVID-19 emergency.

These are not normal circumstances.

@Anil.Gupta I have a question, My husband and I recently filed for L1, L2, L2 EAD extension in May 2020, his L1 extension application is still pending. I want to know if we get biometrics appointment only after primary applicant(My husband’s L1 in this case) is approved? Or I can expect getting the biometric appointment even before that?

You can get biometric appointment irrespective of L1 application status.


I applied for H4 extension in March (Receipt date: March 12). Even after the San Jose ASC has opened, I did not receive the rescheduled biometrics appointment. Is there anyone who received appointment notice? I don’t think USCIS is sending appointments in the order received because I read in other forum that those who applied in May are getting biometrics appointment. Please share if you know in what order they are sending the appointment letters.


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Has anyone received biometric appointment? It’s been 6 months since I applied and no updates yet…

HI There

When can I expect a biometrics appointment schedule for dependent? My receipt date is 15th July. The USCIS website doesn’t mention the processing time of such applications/notices.
What is the usual lead time?


I have applied for H4 cos from H1 in the month of June 2020. I received the receipt number but not the biometric appointment notice yet.

Could you please let me know how many days it might take to receive appointment letter.
My application went to Nebraska service center.


Hi Anil,

My H4 biometrics is scheduled for May 6th and due to medical reasons, I will not be able to do attend my biometrics between May 1st - May 9th, and I do not want to reschedule the biometrics since it took me almost 9 months to get to this step. Can I walk in early for my biometrics? Please share your thoughts or if there is any thread with people in a similar situation.

Some ASC centers do allow early walk-in. There is no other way than to visit the ASC and request based on your situation. They may or may not honor the walk-in.

Thank you for the reply. If I take Dr’s letter will that help?

You can try. It depends on the center’s management to take a decision.

The Dr letter made it happen, they verified it, and I was able to give my biometrics yesterday afternoon.

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Dear Anil,
My daughter’s Biometric and Consular appointment is scheduled during end of May 2022 and she’s has an expired H4 visa dependent on me. My wife’s H4 visa too is expired and both my wife an myself are working on H1-B and my daughter is on H4 under me.
We’re traveling to India for Visa stamping. My wife and myself are eligible for drop box but my daughter is not as both of us have expired visa.

Question: is it allowed to attend daughter’s Biometric and Consular interview with parents expired Visa (but with valid I797 of primary applicant) and later submit the H1-B documents for drop box. OR is it mandatory for one of the parent (or both) to have the valid visa stamped before going for a biometric/Consular interview for child?

Appreciate your response. Thank you.

They will probably hold your daughter’s visa approval until your H1B visa is approved. Attending the interview shouldn’t be an issue though.

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Thanks a lot Anil.
Are you saying that either of the parent still with their expired visa can attend the biometric and consular interview for the Child (accompanying the child as well) with just I797 approval notice of parent would be enough for the minor child (13 years) to get H4 visa stamped? And later once H4 visa for the child is stamped parent H1-B visa can be stamped, Am I understanding correct?

Currently my daughter’s Biometric/CA appointment is scheduled for May 22 and May 26th 2022 respectively. Father and Mother’s drop box appointment (Individual H1-B for both, US visa on parents passport expired and all 3 family members are in the US) is scheduled later in Oct 2022/Nov 2022.

Do you see any risk with these schedules OR it’s safe to get one of the parent’s visa stamped (especially primary applicant under which child would submit H4 visa application)? Currently getting the coordinated visa appointment dates are challenging, so I wanted to get clarification on this. Any insight and help much appreciated. Thank you.