USCIS biometric appointment in CoronaVirus Questions & Answers

Has anyone receive biometric appointment notice yet? We applied for H4 extension at the end of March and still no notice for fingerprint appointment. I wonder if USCIS is sending out any appointments at all or it has come to a halt completely. Getting H4-EAD approved on time without that is out of question at this point.

Hi @keto12

People have started receiving biometric appointment notices if the ASC center at their location has reopened.

Check on the article page for more information.

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HI Anil,
Can someone directly visit the ASC office after 3 PM without any invitation letter?
He might have only copy of the receipt. Or invitation letter is a must.

You cannot walk-in during COVID-19 emergency.

These are not normal circumstances.

@Anil.Gupta I have a question, My husband and I recently filed for L1, L2, L2 EAD extension in May 2020, his L1 extension application is still pending. I want to know if we get biometrics appointment only after primary applicant(My husband’s L1 in this case) is approved? Or I can expect getting the biometric appointment even before that?

You can get biometric appointment irrespective of L1 application status.


I applied for H4 extension in March (Receipt date: March 12). Even after the San Jose ASC has opened, I did not receive the rescheduled biometrics appointment. Is there anyone who received appointment notice? I don’t think USCIS is sending appointments in the order received because I read in other forum that those who applied in May are getting biometrics appointment. Please share if you know in what order they are sending the appointment letters.