USCIS H1B Lottery Aprl 2020 result questions & answers

Lol 223k applications wow!

i know people who was selected and fragomen told them.

i think mine taking long, because it says “submitted” and they are not sure what to tell me.

My friend in blackrock was notified on monday by them.

Submitted means it didn’t get pick, u still have chance in later rounds

The wait list is for real? I just spoke to a friend…his petitionar’s attorney isn’t very hopeful about the waitlist…just saying what I heard

As I mentioned in the article, the wait list does not have any practical chance due to the high number of applications already received by USCIS.

Last year it was 190K :grimacing: if I recollect this year increased

People applied for H1 from two different companies, will they get Visa or has it been rejected

If the end H1B job was unique meaning that each h1B employer filed for a different position, then it would not be automatically rejected.

Too much Applicants! US is still maintaining its charm to attract foreign workers even after so much have been done to there fellow Indians here and having issues with visa status.

Where there are huge lines for CAN/AUS/UK etc Indian companies (with 2L employees) can play H1 game multiple times for 10$ to retain employees and avoid them from shifting to other orgs

2018- 199k
2019- 201k
2020- 275k

Year on year increasing applications

If someone submits 3 applications and if USCIS picks anyone, will all 3 be updated as duplicates and rejected or that one application will get selected?

I don’t understand what you are saying, read some more posts that were shared by Anil on the group, you will understand the process, if one company registers 2 applications for the same person, both will be denied

I was mentioning the advantage of Indian companies with 2L+ employees

Who will file for many employees as fees is less and retain them when compared to Non US visas.

Which is an issue for OPT/CPT folks who have been waiting since years.

They have advance degree quota, so they get 2 chances in the lottery and in the last couple of years. USCIS has approved around 36K to 39K AD quota ppl

In India also they do mtech etc then it wil impact

Advance degree only in US, will not be considered from other countries.

Oh didn’t know that👍🏻

This thing is unfair guys.

Spent too much money for school and eventually dont win the lottery

Yes too much. If there be any additional quote as someone stated in the thread? Will COVID make any effect? Anil can enlighten whether there is scope for “not selected” to get another chance. Will it be stated by USCIS at this point of time as to “not selected” or it will change only at the end of fiscal year. Please clarify