Validity of ACS Assessment report

Hi Anil,

I got my ACS done on January 2019. If I submit my EOI on April 2020 can I use the same ACS?

Reason for applying in April 2020 is I will have 8 years ACS experience and I can claim 5 extra points.


ACS validity - 24 months

ACS validity is 24 months from the date of issue. The validity is mentioned on the ACS letter too.

Submit EOI now and Keep Current Employment END date blank

My suggestion is to submit the EOI now and keep your current employment’s END date BLANK in EOI.

This way, EOI will automatically keep adding your work experience and will give you extra 5 points as soon as you reach 8 years experience.

Just make sure that you do not change employer during this time. If you change employer, you will need a new ACS assessment.

Hello Anil,

Do u mean that my employer or my employment conditions (like designation change/resignation etc) should not change after ACS & while submitting EOI?

Also what if I have submitted my EOI & then I stop working due to some personal reasons?
Do I have to notify this & will this have any negative effect on my application?

Thanks for your help!

If your designation or job changes after ACS assessment, you need to get a new ACS assessment. Simple.

If you stop working after filing EOI, you cannot claim that portion of time as ‘working’ to claim EOI points as you will not have any work claim proof for non-working time period.

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Can you please explain why will I need a new assessment?

According to the ACS document’s example quoted below:

  • 2 years of work experience will be used to satisfy the suitability criteria and your Skill Level Requirement Met Date will be 31 Jan 2010.
  • All suitable work experience completed AFTER 31 Jan 2010 will be considered Skilled Employment and eligible for the skilled migration points test.

hence my understanding according to your answer, is that if my work exp is continuing with a different employer & I know it’s the same responsibilities I cannot enter it as work ex?

And If not, then I think it’s best that I should not claim points for it as assessing it again will just cost me a lot.

As per official ACS rules, you should always get a new ACS assessment for a new period of employment.

It is your choice if you want to do the way i suggested or you want to go your way.

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okay. thanks much for ur inputs.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

If I get my ACS report now which is validating experience of 5.2 years - after this I change my job and I don’t redo my ACS. Anyway I can claim points for 5.2 yrs of experience, correct?

Because above will anyway give me the 10 points required for work experience.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @Saby_H

You can claim points for whatever work experience has already been assessed as ‘relevant’ by ACS.
If you change job, you need a new assessment for new period of employment.

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Okay but if I am not claiming points for the new job then I don’t need reassessment I hope.

Hi @Saby_H

Yes, that’s correct.

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Great! I have more clarity now. Thanks a ton! :slight_smile:

Hi Anil,

I have a tricky situation. Question is regarding entering the new Job detail in EOI and assessment for the same. I have changed my Job after ACS assessment and already have maximum points (15) for experience as I got 8+ years in assessment.

I did my ACS skill assessment and got a positive outcome in Feb 2019. It stated that I met the skilled date after month Feb 2011 ( my actual experience started from DEC 2008, ACS deducted 2 years).

I was working in the same organization till last month (Aug 1st week, 2019). So I believe I am comfortable in claiming 15 points as I am well above the 8 years mark and this will be true till 2021 Feb even I don’t do any new assessment. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Now I joined a new organization in August end, I am working mostly in same area. But ideally I don’t need this experience to be counted unless I am going for a new one in 2021 Feb once the current one expires.

I have added my new Job in EOI but my question is , what do I select for the question " Is this Job relate to the nominated occupation" - I have currently given “YES” as this Job requires same skills, although I don’t need points for this. At the same time I don’t have Assessment for this period.

Please suggest what I should do in this situation. And is their any chance of CO asking for Assessment for this period if I get a invite.

Thanks !

Hi @pbaus2020

I suggest to NOT mention the experience in EOI for the new company as you do not have assessment for it.

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Hi Anil, Thanks for the response.

But I have to end date the prior Job as I can’t leave the end date blank anymore right ? So not entering the new Job will mean I am not working any more.

Should I enter it and mark it as not closely related to the nominated occupation(As I dont need this experience and dont have assessment). Does this have a negative impact for getting invite ?


Hi @pbaus2020

You can mark it as ‘non-relevant’ if that option is available in EOI.

Hi Anil,

My ACS validity was only till June 2019.
My experience will be 8 years in Jan 2020 and my age will be 33 in Mar 2020. I am still at the same job and might leave it in February 2020. Can you please suggest what need to be done for acs. Do I have to do do the whole procedure of ACS again? Please let me know what all has to be done?

Thanks and regards

Hi @ruchi_langa

You have to do the whole process of ACS again.

Hello anil,

I have done my acs skill assessment in Dec 2017 and by now it has been expired, however i applied my EOI in June 19 and still not got the invitation. I am still working on the last company mentioned in ACS assesment . Do I need to apply for new ACS as this month my earlier assesment got expired or it will be considered valid in EOI till I start new job.


Hi @Mihirlak

You need to get a new ACS assessment.

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