Validity of ACS Assessment report

Thanks Anil for your prompt response.

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Hi Anil,

As per many company policy, they will provide the letterhead one time only even though if designation is changed in future… In that case, how can I get the letterhead with new designation? or
Usually, we receive a official confirmation letter for the same if we get promotion or designation change, shall we include them when submitting documents to DIBP…??

Hi @ram_cloud

How to get the letter from your company is your problem. I cannot really tell the process for each company.

What i know works with ACS assessment is that you can get the letter with current designation irrespective of past designations. Do not declare that you ever had any other designation on the letter.

Hi @Anil,

I have got the letterhead 6 months before as “senior executive engineer” and I have done the skill assessment, now my designation is changed to senior consultant. My company is stating that they already have given the letterhead to me and also they provided my promotion letter for my new designation, hence they cannot provide another letterhead with my new designation.

As I have an official confirmation letter which states my new designation, shall I include them when submitting documents to DIBP…?? or new Letterhead with the new designation is required ?

I think i have already clearly answered. It is your choice if you want to submit the new designation letter now.

Do it at your risk.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

So if the person is not claiming any points like in the case of @Saby_H or @pbaus2020 as they have already done ACS, and received 10 points for 5 year’s and 15 points for 8 years.

And for job change , we can mention that it is not linked or non relevant to the occupation in ACS.

And if we need to claim new job experience, ACS is required.

But tell me, if we even do ACS for the new job, will that help in anyway ?

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