Welcome Letter In Administrative processing

Hello everyone,

My case scenario
CR1 Texas service center
PD: 26th Feb 2019
Case Approved at Texas: 22nd November 2019
Case sent to Department of the state: 6th December 2019
NVC received my case: 17th December 2019

It’s been more than 2 months of case approved, still I didn’t get Welcome Letter. Today I called NVc and the lady over the phone said that my case is under further administrative processing… do you guys know what that means @Anil.Gupta

Hi @Yasmin

Administrative processing means that they are doing some more checks on your application.

But, i think that its just normal delay and nothing to worry.

It currently taking 30-90 days to get the welcome letter.


Thank you for your reply.

And yes, I got RFE for bonafide marriage. So we sent a lot of stuff like:

  1. Sworn Affidavit statement of me, my husband, and the ones who attended the wedding. We sent 5 Affidavits in total.

  2. We sent our honeymoon pics

  3. We sent airplane tickets and boarding passes names on it.

  4. We sent hotel receipt both our names on it.

  5. My husband bought a ring for me during honey moon trip. We sent that receipt too.

  6. We went to see many places in our honeymoon so we sent all that.

So my question to you is…

  1. Do you think NVC is processing all that we sent as RFE at USCIS STAGE. And so it’s taking much time.

  2. Do you think I should call every week twice or thrice to NVC to get any update on my case… Hope they not irritated with that.

  3. God forbid, if in case it exceeds 90 days and still I didn’t hear anything from them. What you advise me to do??

Hope to hear soon from you.

Hi @Yasmin

I can’t really tell what kind of processing they are doing just on the basis of what you have shared.

It is your choice to keep calling every day or every week.

You should first wait for 90 days.


One more question regarding income requirements… MY husband earns $90$ and he lives with Mom and his sister in California… so does $90k is enough for household of 4??

Which form he needs to fill as Affidavit of Support??

There are income requirements and i think $90k should pass the limits easily.

Search for ‘USCIS affidavit of support’ form online.

Thanks for your reply… One more query about household size…

If my mother in law and sister in law is not included in my husband’s federal tax income… and they both pay their taxes. So do they include in household size??

It depends on where and how you are filling the household size.

Generally in US, parents and adult brother and sister are not counted as part of family.

One question regarding how to upload documents at ceac website…

Actually I use regular Canon scanner. But my marriage certificate , PCC is fitted exactly on the scanner so the four corners are not visible… Is that an issue?? Can NVC reject my documents on this basis??

And second question is… should I upload the first and last page of passport horizontal or vertical??

Hi @Yasmin

Full document should be visible.

You can scan passport horizontally or vertically as per your choice.

After 10 days it will be 3 months complete of my case approval at Texas, but no Welcome Letter yet,… I Called them yesterday and they said that my case as under further administrative processing. … many people in group chat says that case under administrative processing is not good. Is that so??

Hi @Yasmin

Administrative processing means that they are doing some more background checks before contacting you.

If it is good or not is your own perspective. I cannot really say if its good or bad as I do not know you case or family history.

After few days, it will be 90 days complete from case approval at Texas. No Welcome Letter yet. So what you advise after that??

You can call NVC and ask for status update.

Can be please elaborate how it works?? I mean how to get status update?? Because whenever I call NVC, they have the same reply … “Case under administrative processing”

Can you please explain how I can do that??

That’s the only update they normally give. There is no other way that i am aware of at this time.

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I got my welcome letter today. Thank you Anil sir for all your replies.

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