What are my chances of Australian PR under 261399 with 75 points?

I have not yet given PTE or IELTS. But looking at point table, even if I get full 20 under English language section, the score will sum upto 75 only.

What do you think my chances would be with 75 points under 261399 - Software and Applications Programmers nec.

You have good chance of invitation with 75 points for 261399.

Hi Anil,

I received ACS assesment today with 261399(Software and application programmer) anzsco code. I have been working as a senior software engineer, associate lead, project lead in different organizations.

At the time of filing, I was not sure which code to select under 2613. I hear some say 261399 is good for nothing, is that so? And somewhere I read it is not eligible for 189 program.

  1. Should I file my EOI with this code or should I get it changed to 261312(Developer programmer). What is the process should I again pay full fees for getting assessed.
  2. how does the draw for pr invite take place, does it take place separately for each code under 261312, 261313, 261399 or does it take place as all the applications under 2613 category. Because in the ministry of home affairs website , I have seen invites for 2613 not specifically for 261312 or so on.


All job codes in 2613 category are given same preference.

Chances are same for 261399 as for 261313.

If you want to file EOI using a different code, you will have to get a new ACS assessment done by paying new fees.

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Thank you so much Anil :slight_smile:

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Hi Anil,
Can you please give more clarity on November 2019 point system changes? Me and my partner fall under 2613 job code and yet to give English exam.


Australia PR Points Calculator 2019- 189, 190 Visa Immigration Test - AM22 Tech has information regarding November rules.

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Thanks Anil :slight_smile:
And for the ACS assessment shall I wait for November 16th changes or can go for it now also? Will that make any difference?

Thanks in Advance

Better to be ready with ACS and english by November. You can jump into the queue straight away.

There is no change to ACS or english exam process. The proposed difference is only around EOI points with respect to partner points.

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Hi @Deepika_Makholia

I agree with @kvisred

Thanks @kvisred and @Anil.Gupta
As of now working hard to get 20 points in PTE.
Then only it is beneficial to apply.
Also one more question :
I have done my graduation (BTech) in computer science and I have 6.5 years of experience in IT(Software Testing). Points for experience will be 10 or 5 ?

Hi @Deepika_Makholia

If ACS deducts 4 years, then your points will be zero for work experience at this time.

If they deduct 2 year, then you will get 5 points.

Hi Anil - Is 261399 applicable for both 189/190. ACS has recommended me this code and have asked me to pay 200 AUD more. Not sure about the other documents that I had already submitted, whether ACS has done a due diligence of them or not . What are your views-- thanks ayon

If they have suggested then it means that they looked at your documents and then found them to be more suitable for that code rather than what you chose.

As always thank you Anil :slight_smile: …Is 261399 eligible for 189/190 ? I was reading various other sources and it seems some are saying this code is not eligible 189 or 190 .

You can check the code on official Australia immigration website. Its the best source to get reliable information for current codes that are available for 189 and 190 visa.

yep but the SOL list is not being loaded at the immigration website for the past few days and hence thought of posting!

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