Will DOE change after EOI Update in November 2019?

I applied for Australia PR in 189 category with 70 points. Now, after Nov 2019, we can get 5 extra points when spouse has competent English assessment. If I update the EOI with spouse’s English assessment, will this be considered a new application or the priority will be maintained?

As per my information, the Australian immigration is planning to NOT change your EOI’s date of effect even if your points change according to new rules in November 2019.

This means that your priority will be maintained and your application will stay in queue.

If you are adding the spouse English points, yes your DOE will change. If you are single/have skilled spouse already, it will remain un-changed.

Hi Anil,
I have submitted my EOI for ANSZCO Software Engineer with 75 points(75 points for subclass 190 and 70 for subclasss 189 ) in Sept 1st week. My husband has a positive skill assessment in same ANSZCO code , but he does not have his PTE score yet and hence I could not claim spouse points then. Now, per changing rules in November 2019, I understand I can claim 5 points for positive skill assessment in same ANSZCO code.

  1. Please advise do I need to update in Skill Select manually and when to do that?
  2. Any changes related to STEM qualifications(I mean for BTECH grads) and how to claim same.


You would need to update your EOI if your spouse assessment details are not already updated to claim points as per new system.

Hi @Manisha_Singh

The DOE is shown on your skillselect first page. Check and see yourself if it has changed.

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Thanks for the reply Anil…I tried updating EOI today and it’s still asking for both English score and skill assessment in one check box. …want to confirm through this portal if anyone is able to update for spouse points in EOI


I am able to update the spouse points now.


Hi Zorb,
Thanks for info…but I am still unable to update. Did you update spouse points for English score or Skill assessment. For my case , my spouse has positive skill assessment but no english score.

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@Anil.Gupta and others

What is the impact of a change in DOE?